Swine Flu Genocide

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by weedski, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. Hi there, just thought I'd share this set of videos with you guys. It talks about Swine Flu and more alarmingly HIV/AIDS being created for population control. Not really sure what I think, but he uses a lot of evidence.
    Anyway, enjoy!


  2. O b a m a i s a l i z z a r d
  3. If you take the time to watch this, please discuss.
  4. People that say this stuff is naturally occuring are dellusioned. HIV and most stds, SARS, remember that *****, pig flu, all that shit was created for population control and fear of having sex (hence) reproducing! REAL TALK
  5. and bush was controlled by alien grays!!
  6. As a skeptic, my only real bone to pick with these theorists are if you really had a government so tied up in all of this, wouldn't they be able to get rid of any evidence and especially any flag waivers like this guy??

    Conspiracy theorists would argue the government doesn't care because no one listens to them, however true that statement may be, wouldn't it be wise to silence all opposition? Make it so there are NEVER seeds of doubt planted subconsciously within the collective?

    Questions like these give rise to others...such as, if HIV/AIDS was created as a means for population control, why does it have a fairly poor transmission rate (worse than any other STD that I'm aware of) and why does it take so long to cause lethality?

    Questions explode from there...seeing as the world population has exploded even with AIDS. People in countries that are widely affected by this can still populate faster than they die...so if this is a conspiracy, it's a failed one.


    All of this reminds me of something a friend told me at work when mentioning Obama just before the elections. "He's the one they want you to vote for"....then he mentioned some conspiracy about Bush and then mentioned all this other garbage. Well if these people are that interconnected, then voting for either party wouldn't make a difference since I'm sure this all-knowing-force would have their hands deep inside Mccain's party too.
  7. The nut jobs have been experimenting on human flesh for at least 70 years if not more in deep underground militarized bases, or "Dumb" They will continue until the demand is met even if it takes 100 years or more.

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