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  1. Ever gotten blazed and gone swimming before? Well this past weekend some of my friends and i decided it would be a good idea. What we didn't know was that the pool closed at 11:00. It was 1:00 AM when we got there. We didn't have our bathing suits we we went in in our skivies. Well go figure our luck the security guards showed up and made us leave but wouldn't let us go into the bathrooms and change. So there we were, dripping wet, freezing, and in our underwear at 1:30 in the morning and we couldn't even change. I have to say that was one of my worst experiences high.-but hey, at least we got to go swimming!
  2. Well one time me and my friend smoked sum bud and decied to go swimming so we go to his sisters house and while we were swimming it felt like the high wore off and was like damn what a buzzkill but when we got done and got dressed the buzz came back and in force, it was one of the most relaxing high's i'v ever had.

    PEACE OUT!!!
  3. I love going to the beach wasted! The waves spin me out and I love the feeling of the sand between my toes and the salt taste in my mouth.

    I went out in a huge swell once, barely surviving myself, turned around and there's the damn dog next to me. She looked like a drowned rat, but she caught the waves back in with me no sweat. She must of thought I needed help!

    Well, I'm off to the beach now. It's sooo hot again today. But first I'm gonna have a quick session!(of course)
  4. man i love smoking then go swimming. in the water it feels like yourr in a cartoon or something. SPONGE BOB SQURE PANTS
  5. Spong bob Square pants in a great show!! but seriously though, Swimming high is great. I love the beach too-just like everyone else. When you just float around blazed, its great. there isn't a thing in the world more relaxing

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