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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by kcme, Jun 5, 2003.

  1. well me and my girlfriend just smoked and are about to go swimming

    have a good day everyone
  2. whatre you waiting around here for?!?! GO GO GO!!!! have fun!
  3. yeh swimming is fun... i dont mean like doin laps and shit cuz that would kill me but just foolin round in the water is fun

    and jacuzzis are fun... cept when ur so blazed ur not sure how hot it is. it took me like 40 minutes to get my whole body in the jacuzzi once cuz i wasnt sure if it was too hot or not haha
  4. Doing bong loads in the pool is choice :D
  5. this is why I could never leave the coast! I love to toke on the beach and grab on of the kiddies inner tubes and float on out to sea! :D so relaxing out there just floating around with the sun beating down on your skin!

  6. rofl, I know exactly the feeling, btw, I think that last line you put in is possibly the funniest thing I've ever read.

    "but then 5 minutes later my high was back to the rescue."

    Rock on THC101!

    Oh yeah, but back to the gist, I have to try and blaze then go to the beach... problem is beach is ALWAYS crowded... although half the town knows I'm a stoner anyway *rolls eyes* Maybe I will try it!
  7. I unfortunately only live by the crappy beaches of cennecticut. Thanks long island...
  8. well i live in wi so beaches aren't extacly all that great here, we have this one that the our ski team practices on called red sand beach, it sucks though because the red sand stains everything ie skin, shoes, clothing, bongs....
  9. Ya I used to have a pool at my mom's house but now I live with my poor dad for the time being. I remember having pool parties where almost the entire grade would come to my house. I remember smoking a blunt while sitting on the end of the diving board with my legs hanging off and then falling in when I was done. It's also fun to get high on a boat in the summer. swimming in a lake or ocaen is soo fun while high. There is a place at the lake I used to swim at called "the cliffs" where you can jump into the lake from 40-50 feet up in the air from this rock wall. I jumped once at night when it was pitch black and I was blazed and drunk as hell. I almost landed on the boat.

  10. We don't have any decent beaches here in tennessee. The lakes aren't the best in the world. I would only go in one of the two here. But it is fun to go sit down on a dock in the middle of the night and smoke. Very peaceful.
  11. it was tons of fun because i would balance on the rope of the cleaner thing and it was like i was the guy in catching tiger hidden dragon and was like balancing on tree branch. it makes the high last even longer, tonight we went for the longest walk in the world, nature is really peaceful.

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