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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mxracer0, May 26, 2009.

  1. #1 mxracer0, May 26, 2009
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    first off, i just realized that swimming has some of the symptons as when you smoke! ha like when you swim in the pool for a while your eyes get red and you work up quite an appetite hah. some coincidence we have here!

    oh and speaking of swimming and smoking i tried it for tha first time last nightt, and it was so wondeful ha. first time i jumped in i loved the feeling of my head going under water soo much that i kept doing it and doing it like some pelican with tourettes or something ha

    anyone else here blazed it up and had a swimming experience?!
  2. Yea Michael Phelps. :bongin:
  3. i bring a few blunts with me when i snorkel. it makes it much more enjoyable.
  4. lol yeah i know. i meant like for you guys to share about your experience or if you've ever done it haha

  5. Always makes me feel like i'm in a big tub of jello...

    (it's a good feeling)
  6. It was my first time actually smoking. I couldn';t hold it well, and I kept coughing. I was way buzzed though. Then, my friend and I jumped in and it was great as fuck. I thought I was gonna drown though.
  7. Lmao, a pelican with tourettes. That shit was funny man. :smoking:

    I've never went swimming while high, but I'll definitely plan to try it. Haha.
  8. Im on the swim team and used to smoke daily :D I must say swimming was so much fun cause I felt like I could fly
  9. I agree. It is awesome. The best part is after your high has worn ioff while swimming and you get out and go to smoke a bowl afterwards. That after swimming feel coupled with being high is out of this world
  10. I actually do this 4 times a week lol My local fitness and wellness center has an indoor pool so I usualy just smoke up on my driver over there and then Do my swim workout and go home. I have to say its probably one of the best feelings I have ever experianced.
  11. More things swimming and toking have in common:

    Like me right now, you feel like your floating uncontrollably when you're high and when you're swimming.
  12. its like warm and cold at the same time....

    twice i've had to jump in the pool while i was blazed.....

    The first time me and my bro were sparking up some northern lights, and this was like our 3rd time smoking, and i was like: "i don't feel anything", and he agreed......

    It hit us super hard and we just jumped in the pool to make it seem like we were going swimming.... it kills the smell, makes your eyes red, and you have a reason to act like a complete wierdo cause everyone goes crazy in the pool....

    another time we were smoking near the pool, we were on our third bowl of some very good mids not crystally enough to be dank, but it was extremely hairy, and it was kinda sticky regardless of the little amount of crystals(probably not cured perfect)

    my cousin and my dad came over to my house and my cousin pops out on the back patio and starts tripping out about the smell, and we just decided to jump in, our excuse for being in the pool was because the chlorine dispenser tipped over... my dad didn't seemed to care..... the dumbass i was smoking with left his glasses on the edge of the pool and someone stepped on them flattening them out, his parents came over to pick him up and they were furious that he was in the pool when he should have been getting ready to leave.....

  13. haha good stories my fellow blades! so in conclusion, i think we all can very well say that swimming after blazing is quite spectacular lol
  14. Ya smoked 2 joints of this mad weed i got jus before goin training haha. It was mad i kept forgetting to breathe :D
  15. haha i knowwww! when i kept dunking myself underwater i like never took a breath lol i guess i was just totally in the zone
  16. LOL!

    Yeah swimming is mint when blazed, one of the best feelings ever.

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