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Swimming high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TeHNeutral, Oct 13, 2011.

  1. I'm mixed, idk if it'll kill my high or not and if it doesn't, will I freak out at a public pool?

    Shouldn't be many people around but yeahhh, I need reassurance. :hello:
  2. Always bring a towel
  3. You'll be fine haha. As long as you arent a retard when you're high
  4. if that water is cold as fuck, it will ruin your high. Learned that after smoking a jay of dank in Wyoming then going tubing down a creek. The creek is water that runs off sum mountain and its the same temperature year round. Numb the second i touched it ruined the high lmao. But its a pool soo u should be fine
  5. I'm not a retard, but I'm concerned because some friends said it kills your high with the cold or experience this?

    that's what I wanted to hear ty
  6. You will drown!

    Just kidding, its like riding a bike

    you never forget:p.


    No, it wont kill your high.. I swim high all day.:)
  7. Went surfing high. Was crazy at first, but the cold water literally sobered me up after 10 minutes. I was legit no longer high. At all. And this was right after smoking a joint.

    Another time, I went swimming in Lake Havasu after a few hits of dank. It was amazing since it was like 110 degrees out, and jumping into 80 degree water feels like god. That didn't kill my high at all.

    Swimming high is perfectly safe as long as you know how to swim in general. Cold water definitely kills your high, so if the pool is cold, don't even bother. I've never swam in a swimming pool high though, so no experience with that.
  8. no i think it feels amazing but if you stay in to long it will kill your high
  9. nah man even if it is cold you will be fine. I swim in pools and beaches in Florida all the time high. A pool cant be THAT cold. It was only bad for me cuz i was constantly cold in that creek i never got warmed up like u do in pools. I was numb and shaking the whole time while bouncing off rocks ALSO being the highest i have been at that time. haha
  10. I do it all the time in about 80 degree water and i'm fine. Oh and dont let your own shadows freak you out... I almost shit myself seeing them sometimes ahaha.
  11. One time I got really drunk and stoned and thought it was a good idea to dive into the deep end. Lets just say I almost drowned.
  12. dont do it dude, that sounds sketchy as hell

  13. Michael Phelps :eek:

  14. Yea, its fucking scary, you feel like your above the marinas trench.... Its super hard to swim, and for me if I get splashed in face it kills my high. Being in water kind of kills my high...

    Just imagine the water sloshing all over you as you start to go under then realize.... Oh... Thank god.... There isn't a 60 foot shark beneath me... I thought I saw one... Then your friend turns to you with the most serious face and says "Your going to need a bigger boat" and goes under water. Does it sound scary sober? No. But when you're high, its a life or death situation. I can tell you, I have never swam faster in my life to get out of a 7 foot deep pool than when I thought a 60 foot shark had just devoured my friend in front of me. Then you get to the edge of the pool and realize, there is no shark, but even there was one, you swam to the wrong side of the pool to get out...

    Theres one of my swimming stories... Out of like 9. But yeah, it can be a little dangerous, just don't go out past how far you can touch the bottom unless you're not TOTALLY wasted or are a really good swimmer.
  15. True that
  16. Personally I found it pretty fun. Of course everyone is different and some with prefer it and some won't, but i found the experience quite enjoyable.
  17. The first time I went swimming high I was on vacation and the water felt amazing and the sky was so beautiful. I was sitting on the bottom and was thinking I should take a breath and couldn't figure out why I wasn't able to take a breath haha
  18. Getting high and then going swimming is fucking amazing

  19. fucking right. just swimming in a cool pool on a hot summer day is fucking awesome.
  20. What mountain/town?

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