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Swimming High?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by stoner-beatle, Jul 8, 2014.

  1. I love swimming while being high! everything is so great! has anyone else done this? if you haven't, DO IT!!!

    ~miss mccartney~
  2. Swimming while high is a great release! :smoke: 
    I'm a competitive swimmer and swim high more often than not during practice. 
  3. They call it the high dive for a reason

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  4. its pretty relaxing to just chill in the shallow end of the pool. unfortunately, all my friends that smoke weed act extremely childish so i tend to just swim by myself and get bored after about 45 minutes.
  5. I love doing this I got sooooo high off of a bong like 3 feet tall at a river and got high as hell then went into the water and it felt so amazing! :)

    Stay Lifted~
  6. Hell yea, once we were even hitting the gravity bong right out of the pool itself

    Then wed swim to the bottom and lay down, close our eyes, and then the sun's distorted rays would be trippy as hell through our eyelids

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  7. The ocean is so relaxing when your high either chilling on the beach listenin to music, or the waves crashing down on the beach, or jumping/diving/swimming in the waves is really relaxing and chill.
  8. Best shit ever! I love swimming under water with goggles and also swimming laps since when I smoke my heart rate naturally goes up a bit.
    Swimming while it's hot as fuck and stoned as hell is awesome.
  9. Definitely trying this.

    ~ iPhone ~ @Mention ~
  10. I find that water always brings my high down, taking a shower or swimming always sobers me up.
  11. Get into snorkeling

    Find local quarry or some other clear water source

    Smoke up

    Commune with the fish

    I do this bi-weekly in the warm months, and even have a light wetsuit to extend my swimming time by a couple of months. Super relaxing, great workout, and does wonders for lung capacity.

    Never, EVER, scuba while high. Chances are you'll be fine, but it's not worth the risk. Too much can go wrong at depth and every second counts if your air supply gets fouled up.

    Also, always use a swim buddy when free diving deeper than 10-15ft.
  12. It's suchhhh a great feeling. The ripple of the water really trips me out for some reason too.

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  13. I cannot swim so no but I dont mind some tubbin'.
  14. Some of my best highs have been around water. I think I'm secretly part fish or something. 
    Me and my friends smoked up in Hawaii and then went and walked in the waves. The sun was setting and it was the most gorgeous sunset ever, and the water was perfect. If there's a better experience to be had high, I haven't hit it yet. (At least, a non x-rated experience.)
  15. I wana go to the beach at night with some friends and smoke all night and just swim and chill so badly!

    Stay Lifted~

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