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Swimming and smoking?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kirraaax3, May 10, 2009.

  1. I've been thinking about starting smoking pot (or at least trying it) for a while now, but I swim competitively and was always afraid that it would screw up my lung capacity/endurance. I know there are better ways to smoke like vaporizing/bongs etc, but I still live at home so they would be a bitch to hide. Do any of you guys smoke weed and swim also? Does it have any effect on your swimming ability?
  2. a vaporgenie seems right for you
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    Micheal Phelps can do it...

    No but seriously, I have been smoking for pretty long now. Being an athelete it hasn't ever really effected me. And if it did, I cant tell.
  4. Just don't stop working out... and never get out of shape ... you will be good
  5. I've always been told that if you work out and smoke, it will blend together. If you smoke, and don't workout, then workout, your body isn't used to it.
  6. Hahahaha @ the Michael Phelps picture :laughing:

    That's really good to know guys, thanks! I'll look into that vaporgenie also; seems pretty convenient
  7. I don't swim competitively, no, but I do love swimming and do it often, and am very good at it. smoking has done nothing but make the experience more enjoyable and hasn't effected my performance at all.

    everyone is different though. give it a shot.

    i will say when i smoked cigarettes though my lungs were fucked and i couldn't do shit. quit that shit though lol
  8. Haha yeah I'm definitely not gonna smoke cigarettes I can't stand the smell
  9. I don't swim, but i run 4-5 miles a day. running when i'm baked is sooo much more enjoyable and soooooooooo much easier its not even funny. i don't feel marijuana affects my performance, except when i get back into my spliff habit.
  10. i do swim competitively and I normally smoke about twice a day, sometimes only once, most of my smoking is done through a ROOR or a bubbler, let me just say that the water helps tremendously in saving your lungs and throat. My friend who also swims only smokes bowls and pipes and he is fine, but he doesn't smoke as much.

    So to sum it up, if your smoking less than say 5 times a week it really shouldn't matter what your using. Just keep working out and you'll be fine, oh and i actually enjoy smoking right after a tough practice, you feel extremely relaxed
  11. I came to this thread of someone talking about how trippy it is to swim and smoke. OMG THE BEST

    me and my homies go to this spring pond. super deep and clear. TRIPPY ASS nights brahs =]
  12. I used to swim competitively and play the trumpet, so I had massive lung capacity when I was younger (I stopped both activities when I went off to college). That lung capacity has stayed with me through 10 years of smoking. There were 2 years in there when I smoked every single day. Like, I'd wake up by smoking 1/2-1 gram of some nice nugs to myself, just out of a regular spoon. I smoked around an eighth a day myself (I'd smoke with others, but they'd lay down too, and so it evened out to an eighth a day to my lungs). I still have pretty good lung capacity, and can still take massive bong rips without coughing.

    Really, any substance you smoke is going to have some effect on your lungs. If you keep up your exercise, I wouldn't worry to much about it though. If you do notice some effect, you can probably offset it by doing deep breathing exercises and stuff to keep your lung capacity up there.
  13. If anything... MY lung capacity has grown i can swim underwater longer:p
  14. niiice!
  15. I play soccer about 9 months out of the year and can honestly say my performance hasn't been affected by smoking. I used to smoke cigarettes but that mad me very sluggish and weak so i quit and just stuck to pot and my body has returned to its old level of performance :hello:
  16. Didn't your mommy ever tell you to wait an hour to go into the pool after ripping a bong?
  17. two words.
    michael phelps.
  18. I have worked out when high and let me tell you, it was actually beneficial: both mind and body. But you have to be careful... When you get high and work out you WILL actually feel your muscles ripping and burning, but at the state of being high it actually feels good. Then you start striving to get that pain more and lift even more. This is where the harmful part comes in: If you overload on those weights, you can strain a muscle or possible hurt yourself (like benching). So make sure your not extremely high when working out. But for swimming I am not sure, because everytime I step into the shower when Im stoned, it kills it... So I end up being slightly buzzed... So I am not sure if this applies to swimming, but man if I was baked and in a swimming pool I would freak out... Like who the hell knows when Jaws would chomp your legs off...
  19. youll prolly take massive bong rips like michael phelps haha. his lung capacity is probably ridiculous

  20. Any vaporizer will do man, it's just the fact that its a smoke, a product of combustion going in your lungs. The actual weed won't do the damage, it will be the burning.

    So a vape will get you high as fuck, but still avoid the minor lung issues from smoking. Like sore throat, a light cough, ect.

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