SWIM got some hash?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by krapant, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. So my buddy came across some blonde hash for a great deal and had to pick it up. I was looking at it and it looks legit but it smells different kinda like oregano. He has made all his money back already and still has a shit load left i want to smoke it but if its not real i don't want to waste my time. Does any one know what hash is supposed to look like and smell like?
  2. Yeah been there done that not much on google. I was looking for a personal opinion all ive found out after googleing is that it has a spicy smell and taste. What the fuck is spicy sposed to mean? Any one not a dick and actually smoked hash before wanna chime in?
  3. Hash can be so many different things man. Pretty much any smokable cannabis concentrate can be called hash. Some hash will be so hard it'll shatter, some will be soft, some will melt, some will burn, could have a solvent hash oil, can be pressed with or without heat, made from different types of dry sift, etc etc etc.

    Theres no such thing as regular hash.

    Just smoke some of it man. If it really is hash, you'll know. And it prolly is.
  4. What do you expect people to write? An in depth article on the smell of hash? A smell is a smell. Hash can have different smells. You usually can't tell what something is by smell alone.

    Chances are you are getting ripped off, you don't know your shit and are too lazy to research it yourself so seriously don't even bother.
  5. lucky its someone who isnt you. that dudes gonna die!

  6. Damn right. I'd hate if it was the other SWIM (someone who IS me) that would be TERRIBLE.
  7. smoke it and find out for yourself
  8. How in the fuck are you supposed to put in to words what exactly your nose is smelling? Like, your definition of spicy and mine could be toooooootally different.

    So, maybe smoking it and seeing how you feel will be the real truth here.

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