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  1. Hi everyone
    I just made a double layer chocolate cake, after spending most of the day baking, myself. Gotta keep chillin, too many downer sites on TV and in the papers. The bowl is warm, the milk is cold, and the frosting is thick. Wish you could all have a toke and a slice with me here.....oh oh, the CATS is fighting again!!!!!
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    Welcome to Grasscity! I just got done baking 2 dozen chocolate (of course-is there any other kind?) cupcakes for my son's Halloween party at school, and some goodies for all the girls at work. **sigh** but no munchies here, tonight....kinda dry at the moment!

    I agree about the whole media thing....times, they are strange right now. It's nice to escape once in awhile.
  3. welcome. mmmmmmmmm chocolate cake

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