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  1. junior member sugar has a site called sweetleafhaven @ *****removed*****
  2. Hey Amanita for your imformation it\'s not my site! Do your damn home work! It belongs to a good friend who has worked very hard to build it ! and through trial and erra it is a fantastic site and it\'s gaining in popularity... I wasa only try ing to help sugar! as I\'m sure you would help any dear friend of yours !! I dont take being crittasized for doing something nice very well It\'s not a good thing to crittasize people with my knowledge any way it has a way of biting you! I prefer to be nice and have your friend ship but dont crittasize where you have not been!!! first walk a mile in my moccasins before you dare crittasize me again...I\',ve already herd from bud head on this subject a month ago where the hell have you been! guess some people lagg like there computers.......and if you want a deffinition of spam go to the main page and look at bukket !! now thats spam!!!.....SSSSHHH! don\'t wake the sleeping giant.......
  3. it\'s one thing to provide us a link of your friend\'s site in one post, in one forum. it\'s always good to share, and i\'m always down to check out other peoples\' websites, as there is some true talent out there.
    but to emblazon the advertisement as the same exact post in EVERY SINGLE FORUM on this site is considered SPAM to me, and MANY others (I either mod\'d or deleted yours in the Music Forum).

    in fact what you did was rather counterproductive, as crossposting like that was sort of like tagging every wall in a room, and brings a sour mouth to those who cherish the \'city. It\'s not only rude, but annoying.

    and regarding the main page on grasscity, i hate to tell you but grasscity was originally an on-line smoke shop that the moderator who owns AND CREATED THIS FORUM IN HIS OWN KINDNESS AND GENEROSITY OF OTHER STONERS runs. it\'s not spam whatsoever, and the sales he makes in his grasscity shop is what probably helps make this wonderful forum even possible, as it sure takes alot of webspace. he has every right to post whatever he wants in his shop, it\'s his site, he pays for it and runs it.

    you, however, don\'t. and while you were trying to help a friend, you blatantly spammed every single forum doing so. I haven\'t walked in your moccasins, but anyone will tell you, net etiquette is very against cross-posting websites like you did, it\'s considered SPAM. maybe this is the lesson you will learn here @ grasscity. it would have been nice to see it under maybe the General forum, and the Grow forum (since some of the growers don\'t visit other forums and vice versa). But come on, Amanita has a point, belated and harsh though it may be. Next time, tone it down, respect the board, and you might not get such a harsh response.

  4. Amanita, I agree with what you are saying to sweetleahaven but you don\'t need be so harsh. I mean the guys name is the name of the website so he is blatantly spamming. Though doesn\'t you own sig file represent spam? I mean it\'s on every post of your\'s advertising this website. So it\'s ok for you to do that but then when someone else happens to spam you jump their case. I don\'t think that\'s right. I\'m not trying to start anything but I just wanted to make a point.
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