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  1. Well guys...Uncle.

    Im out. i dropped a quaalude (been forever since i had one) and smoke a bowl of kief. im gonna fall asleep to dazed and confused.

    anyone ever notice how nasty that bitch's hands were when she rolled that joint at the beginning of the movie? its such a harsh contrast to the beautiful cars around them. edit, at the alice cooper's school's out locker emptying scene, there's a cool quote on one girl's locker. it says "Remember: it's only a weed that grows into a flower in your mind!

    peace everyone.:smoking:

  2. jesus christ, that was the best sleep i ever had....on top of a laptop keyboard.
  3. Did you sleeptype?
  4. haha thank god no, i might have been banned!
  5. haha sounds like a fucking awsome night and i have seen dazed and confused countless times and never noticed that quote great stuff :hello::smoking:
  6. i have no idea why im bumping this thread again. but i just got some BOTTLES of ludes and i want everyone to have one. BOTTLES. so gc, stop by my house and enjoy your qaalude/pot cocktail. itll be great.

    i just got off of my first day of backbreaking work. this lude, a 40 of Bud, and a bowl of bud = orgasmic.

    i love you guys.
  7. what's a quaalude? I have no idea... hah
  8. oh sorry dude. its a pill of methyquaalone (sp?) and its like an intense vicodin.

    actually, its like an oxycotin without the extreme drowsiness. its fucking great. you get a tingling in your whole body and you want to hug and be happy to everyone.

    im serious gc, come by for a free lude and get a hug (or high five) im in a lovely mood.
  9. hmmm never heard of those
  10. ^^ they went out of legal production in the 80's cuz it was as prevalent as coke. they used to be pharmeceutical downers/painkiller/antidepressants but uncle sam said no more.
  11. god damn uncle sam. sam you are not my man.
  12. Yeah they were sending Millions of dollars to a golf course in mexico.
  13. ???

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