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  1. found a 20 dollar bill in an old pair of shorts i dont really wear anymore cuz they look like swiss cheese from nodding off with cigarettes in my hand

    always a pleasant find
  2. I love when that happens. I found a baggy in a pair of pants once, and surprisingly there was a nice little nug in there. Enough for a bowl pack. It was great.
  3. I put snow pants on one winter to shovel my driveway and found a five-spot in the pocket.

    Finding cash and weed in shit you don't wear a lot is fucking awesome. Let's face it.
  4. Today my friend found $100 at the bank when I was waiting it car. Hes fucking lucky :rolleyes:
  5. Somewhere far away, somebody is screaming "FUCK!" because they just realized they dropped $100 bucks at the bank.
  6. 20 bucks.

    id go buy a dime bag and a 12 pack.

  7. You're a pothead and an alcoholic.

  8. Hahah, those are the first thing's I'd buy if I found the money:p
  9. No shit! Beer and weed are win.
  10. This one time a while back my mom was doing my laundry and found a little sack in one of the pants... I have no fucking clue how I lost that sack.... That wasn't cool..

    So I went upstairs and tried cleaning my room and found another sack stashed pretty good on my desk :D

    So I had 3 sacks in the house and only knew about one lol :smoke:
  11. I work at a pizza joint part time for extra income. I put on an apron that I havnt worn in like 3 weeks, and in the front pockets there were 2 pieces of petrified pepperoni. Not the same as $20, but I thought i'd share :p :wave:
  12. i used to have these lucky pants wen i was a freshman, everyday i would find like anywhere from 10-100 dollars, EVERYDAY, i think sumhow, the money that fell out of my dad and moms pockets in the washing machine managed to fall into my pockets?

    only god knows...
  13. every now and then i'll find a 5 spot, or a 10er, or a stoge, or a pack, or a roach.
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