sweet tooth!

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  1. This is my baby..

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  2. I haven't gave her anything.. when is aye good time too? An what's good to give her?
  3. im growing sweet tooth this year to id say right now you dont need to give it any thing
  4. Wait until it gets it's 5th or 6th set of leaves before you start feeding. Make sure you get something high in N because plant uses that most in veg and then get something high in P and K in flower because that's when it uses that the most. Plant looks good, good luck this season.
  5. Nice man sweet tooth is one of my favs
  6. Thanks motoxridah.. im gunna do as you said an wait till the 5th or 6th leff to pop out! Thank you for your time.

  7. Also look into LST (low stress training) and topping. Both of those will be beneficial to your plant and increase your overall yield. Happy farming!
  8. Lst? im gunna look into that.. that's cool I realy appreciate thanks alot

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