Sweet thursday!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by mattd_9, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. k tonight i went to supper with my dad and i got this sweet huge hamburger and fries, we played pool and shit after.
    I then went to my friends house where we played poker, smoked 5 cones, and 2 J's, and ate tons of food:smoke: .

    Then wen i was walking home i saw 2 bunnies on the road and i started chasing them.......... i couldnt catch them cause theyre fast little fuckers:D .

    soo yah sry if this is boring......... haha
  2. ive chased rabbits too when i was stoned! they are really really fast

  3. HAHHAHAA i love being a stoner
  4. i could picture one of my friends chasing some rabbits baked, theyd b all over the place.

  5. haha that reminds me of this house near my friends complex. its really ghetto n shit (the rest of the houses on the road are nice) but the guy keeps chickens lol so me and my friend tried to catch them one time when we were baked.
    good times
  6. haha i couldnt catch a turtle baked

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