Sweet, sweet heroin

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  1. sad story, he knew it was coming though Im sure.

    just goes to show, moderate your use!
  2. moderatin your use is really foolin yourself. Really I am an addict from way back to presant. I have been in a clinic for 6 yrs. now. Saved my life for sure. I lost my wife to addictoin.My mind played many tricks on me. I broke my back, and after bein semi clean(moderatin myself) I started to use more and more. Oxy's were my trap. Doctors told me they were "less" ( yes LESS) addictin than vicodin. This was in 1997. Oc"s wre new and they were pushin them on you. When I found out you could slam them , well, it was all over. I had OZ's of heroin around! Boy, you want to talk about a habit! I was gettin really pure heroin in like chalk. remember the kids chaulks you could write on side walks with. Thats what the dope looked like. About 3/4 of an in. around and 3in. long. I had a 1/4 lbs. of these at one point. 42 of those chaulks!! Loved every minute of it!! I loved heroin no doubt. That worm fuzzy feel'in. But moderatoin? I don't know a heroin addict yet that stays at moderatoin. Be careful! YOU can be your own worst enemy.
  3. sounds fun re: the chalk dope and oxys.
    lol OC has got to be the most psychologically addictive shit I ever tried.
    It made me feel so fucking good nothing anyone did or said could touch me.

    that aside,
    where'd you get so much?
  4. Agreeed...

  5. RIP Brad!


    Wise words... Out of all the people I've known over the years who use heroin (and believe me, it's A LOT), I've only met 1 person who actually could moderate his use. He didn't shoot, only snorted... And he only did it once in a while... Not all the time.

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