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sweet stash box

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by RobbieMc92, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. found this last night at office depot and i think its pretty tight... havent moved anytihng in there yet but tell me what yall think.




  2. Dude thats fucking beast...

    For a second im just like... Why the fuck is he showing us a picture of a dictionary... Then i realised it WAS the safe...

    I must get one...
  3. Thats pretty sick man. How much did it cost.

  4. just 15 bucks, i thought it was pretty cheap

    and im glad yall like it hah :hello:
  5. that is stealthy as fuck u kno how to conceal your shit my dude how much for one of those?
  6. that's really awesome dude. definitely worth 15 bucks.

    ooh, one thing, put some weed in it and see if it conceals the smell.

  7. it doesent completely conceal it but if i double or triple bag it with ziplock baggies then ill be fine.
  8. im gonna def have to cop one of those... but why would I have a dicionary. haha.. lmao
  9. Nice, thats fucking sweet. ++ rep bro :smoking::smoking:
  10. damn thats nice i gotta go pick one up just gotta remember to always put your shit back in there now right...

  11. i thought it was pretty tight.. and thnks for tha rep dude
  12. Thats awesome just dont lose the key lol
  13. That is sick man, I'd make a spare copy of the key though because I'm always losing things
  14. looks like something that would come in useful when living on campus. very nice.
  15. seriously,
    everyone who sees it will be like, "wtf? YOU with a dictiionary in your room?"
    theyll know somthings up

  16. where do u get one of those? online??!?!?!
  17. Bobby Blaze says:
    read carfully bro,
    it says "found this last night at office depot ...."

  18. already been done, it came with three keys so im goood
  19. where did you get this amazing thing???

  20. haha read the replys carefully haha, that question has been answered.. office depot


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