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Discussion in 'General' started by wookie, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. anyone ever had a sweet idea for a shirt? i think this would be an awesome one

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  2. I have that Maralize Legajuana shirt, without the middle part.
  3. Someone tried to steal an idea in hopes of getting rep me thinks.... :-/
  4. He makes me sad to have Wookie in my name :(
  6. yea lololol definitly seen that picture and that marilize legajuana logo...u stole both of them, sorry bro. Nice attempt at compywrite infringement tho! :p:p:p

    Tip : Atleast next time try to atleast change like some colors or something haha
  7. nice try, A for effort, i won't be mean:)
  8. i can't for the life of me find it again, but i saw a picture SOMEWHERE on the net a while back that said "the burning joint is the torch of freedom" under that was a marijuana leaf shaped as a hand in a fist with a lit j between the pointer and middle fingers. the hand-leaf was coming out of a seed, all around it there were live pot plants. it was so awesome, i printed it out and glued it to one of my spiral notebooks. it got confiscated when someone told on me..:mad: :rolleyes:

    i would buy a shirt with that printed on it.
  9. i reemebr on that 70s show I saw a sick shirt that one of them was wearing it was like mocking Cambells soup's logo and it said Cannabis Sativa I cant find it on the internet if anyone finds a picture PM me it please:)
  10. That one was on two days ago. I'd like to get that shirt, it's nice.
  11. Ive always wanted a tye-dye shirt with a chronic leaf in the center, but i cant find a site on the internet that has them....maybe im Sp.Ed.

    Also the shirt from dazed and confused that slater is wearing with just the plain chron leaf i thought that shit was ill.

    and since im watching that movie, you know at the beginning when that girl is drwaing the leaf on her piece of paper in class, that is like the coolest drawing of a chronic leaf i have ever seen. sorry im really high.

    im done.

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