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  1. Any experience out there with them? Just picked up some mohan ram and curious if people have done well with them as a company.

  2. haha here goes redeye at it again, how many seeds you got man?
  3. Hahaha I know its bad.... LOL! Just got one from the single seed centre for the DNA freebies. under 20 USD with shipping. I figured I have gave attitude enough business for now and switch it up! 4 femmed for under 20 bucks of some bangin genes Ill take it! How you been tokin?
  4. Sweet seeds isnt bad co. at all.
    I didnt grow all of them but they are good one.
  5. hey man im not sayin anything lol, i think its great to have a nice assortment of seeds:D after all variety is the spice of life haha. yea you really cant go wrong with that at all. how is the single seed centre? i was lookin into them but wasnt sure. yea gotta share the business. ive been doin good man, just tending to the plants, 1 of my widows is already showing pre-flowers:) how about yourself dude?
  6. Same thing man... Just living the dream. Kinda lol. Been tending as well indoors and just getting ready to push into flower next week probably. Topped them on sat. Getting excited! But I agree you can never have too many choices! Esp. if they are really good ones! I wish women understood that concept!
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    Growing SAD and Green Poison this year from them. seem very strong and stable
  8. i have a dream lol..... thats gotta be hella exciting going into flowering:D what kinda strains you growing? yea im stoked, attitude finally restocked on TGA querkle and deep grape and jillybean im gonna scoop those beans next:) omg man i know, my girl friend is like all like and i quote "i swear you love your goddamn pot plants more than you love me!" and shes all like "whats the point of growing pot anyways?" and i dont know what girls deals are lol
  9. HAHAHA Yeah dude! Your woman and mine must think ALOT alike because thats exactly what mine says too! LOL! I love it! Very excited to get going on flowering! DEF grab some querkle! Hey you heard about the new strand from Subcool called Qrazytrain? Supposed to be querkle x trainwreck! Boy these people need to stop thinking of ways to get into my pocket!
  10. haha does your girl blaze? mine doesnt like smoking at all, she doesnt even wanna try it lol. good luck with the flowering dude:) yea thats prob gonna be my next purchase lol, i love me some grape and some purp lol. no way! where can i find it?
  11. I dont know if Subcool has released it yet but I know its in trials right now. So if everything goes well, which come on its subcool how can it not, we should be seeing it sooner than later. The wait is killing me! But yeah my woman loves the ganja so Im in luck there, she just doesn't care about the strain or taste, just too spoiled. She just wants to get stoned, but hey I can relate. I just like to have the best of the best and taste is definately a part of that for me. Thats too bad your woman doesn't bro but hey some people just dont like it, not a big deal, different strokes for different folks! Thats funny some of the best bud I ever had was grape ape and thats why Im kinda on the purple grape mission if you cant tell with all the purple and berry strains. Got to find something that knocks me on my butt and tastes so gooooood. Also looking for that true one hitter quitter white widows, pandoras box, the mohan ram (on its way) white siberian, satori who knows but Im on the mission from hell to find the best there is!
  12. damn ima be on that train to get that dank bean when it come lol. you are a very lucky man my friend, shes gotta be hella chill to blaze with haha. yea i just wish my girl would atleast give it a chance you know? she doesnt wanna look like a "stoner" whatever that means lol. yea dude i hear ya on that grape eerything is bomb:D our inner *****s love grape hahahaha
  13. Probably means something along my name.... Im always walking around red eyed and ready so Im probably one of those people shes refering to... Im that guy that is in line all red eyed staring at the movie board like its a porno to see pineapple express with the people behind me rolling their eyes. Sorry for not helpin bro.

  14. hahahahahahahahahaah that was the funniest description ive ever heard :p yea but i mean its not like were stupid when were high you know what i mean? its like were just chillin and enjoyin life lol, like seth rogen said, weed makes food taste better, it makes music sound better, and it makes sex feel better for christs sake lol. hey man its all good, if anything were just having a good time and we shouldnt be stereotyped for it
  15. Word bro! Its the truth people are taught to hate at a young age and never know any different. I was one of those people hatin on MY BEST FRIENDS for three years because they picked up smokin herb. When I finally stepped to at age 18 I never looked back! Nothing like what I was thinking at all! Totally functionable and enjoyable! Happy Hungry Sleepy. Right donw my ally I love to be happy. Love to EAT! And really love sleep! Times are changing for the better though so we have something to look forward to we all the legalization going on!:hello::hello::hello:
  16. yea man seriously, our heads were filled with lies, all those ppl saying that marijuana was bad and what not. i thought the same exact thing..... UNTIL i tried it lol and now ive realized that it has helped improve the quality of my life, like it makes things that i didnt enjoy a million times more enjoyable now:) exactly man we need to realize that herb isnt the "crazy" drug that ppl think it really is, i mean with complete legalization think of revenue we could bring in, all the new jobs that would be created, and all the money that would be saved from not having pot smokers arrested adn being sent to rehabilitation, like seriously the possibilities are endless. like i really feel like legalizing it nationally will help get us outta this recession lol. LEGALIZE! LEGALIZE! LEGALIZE!:hello:

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