Sweet Seeds Black Cream Auto, Dinafem White Widow Auto, ??? Fem Seed Non-Auto.

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  1. Day 30 for Black Cream (tall one) 3 month veg for the big bushy one, and day 25 for White Widow.

    Widow's growth was stunted for about 10 days because the first 5 leaves were all stuck inside the seed and I had to wait for it to dry out to get it off! Then it grew into the light overnight.

    Working with FFOF soil in 7 gallon smart pots and a smaller 2ish gallon plastic pot.

    125 watt CFL
    2 ft t5 fixture, right now flower bulbs are in, I think around 100 watts?
    3 extra CFL 13 watt and a "plant" bulb around 40k flowering spectrum I believe

    Plants are being fed a mixture of alfalfa, molasses, indonesian at guano, EWC, azomite dust mixed with water and sat in a cabinet for 10 months. Plants love it, I just use it as a wet top dressing and have given them a good sprinkle of guano and only given water aside from that. Any yellowing was before feeding them and they have only had healthy new growth and no more discoloring. They drink about 5-6 gallons of water twice a week. temps are between 65-85 usually, usually 80s when lights are on.

    Expecting Black Cream to be ready in 30 days, white widow probably 40 and after they are chopped, I will have a Pineapple Express auto ready to go in OR flower that giant bushy baby. Thinking I should take clones though and set up another tent or dresser for vegging. Can you still clone a plant that has been vegged for 3 months? Under 18/6 light right now. 24/0 was making temps too hot, was getting to 105+ in the tent.

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  2. Everything is looking pretty good!
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    Tomorrow will be 7 weeks. I am pretty sure my Black cream needs another 2-3 weeks. It is beefing up really nicely, but I don't want to harvest until the hairs are swallowed and I see a lot of ambers and no clears. First few pics are from a weekish ago, next ones are from today. White Widow is at 6 weeks but it was stunted like I mentioned in my first post, it's about 9 inches tall and flowering but still growing vertically.

    Watered with molasses yesterday. 1 1/2 tbsp per gallon.

    I am no longer using guano or the mixture I mentioned previously, just water and molasses since we are in the final couple weeks.

    The baby is a pineapple express auto, the big bushy one has lost a few fan leaves but is still doing really well. Lots of hairs but it's a regular female seed so I think I am stressing it out by not switching lights after 4 months now. After I harvest the black cream and white widow I will be switching lights. I have an extra pineapple express seed so I am debating whether I want to keep it with the reg fem at 12/12 and risk losing yield or make a small little glad bin with CFLs for it separately. I definitely will be investing in better lights when I have the funds, and a couple more fans and inline for fresh air. CFLs do nicely enough but I am getting a bit greedy and confident now that I have successfully grown organic. I may just get a smaller HPS just to help out my CFL/t5 lights instead of buying a huge one that will cost more in electricity and produce more heat.

    Oh, I also have been putting a layer of ice on the black cream when I water to help bring out that lovely dark purple/red color. The stem is dark purple and if you look closely (cant see it in photos) the buds are going to be DARK.

    These last couple weeks are brutal, man. I just wanna smoke that black beauty!

    I will also be using this thread for my auto pineapple and that big bushy baby!

    Edit: It didn't upload the ones from last week for some reason, but trust me in 1 week the buds have doubled in size

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