Sweet nuggets and milk shot of my ghetto bong

Discussion in 'General' started by Zidave, May 22, 2006.

  1. So my good buddy from a town over comes to town after I get off work and I was runnin low on weed and he owed me a couple smokes so he bought us a 40 sac. I recently made a ghetto bong and it is amazing and we smoked out of it all night. I snapped a few shots of the nuggets we got...they were so pretty.


    Sorry....my flash likes to go crazy


    Beautiful nugget zoom shot[​IMG]


    ....and of course....my good buddy grubbin on a bigass sandwich

    And here is the milkshot for my ghetto bong....not alot of light but it's mostly visible here
  2. thats a hugh sandwhich yo!

    nice nugs.

    firfox isnt a fan of putfile so i couldnt see the video
  3. Urgh stupid close ups, its basically cheating because with zooms you can make brickweed look good.

    PS why would you buy a 40 sack?
  4. looks like your good buddy ripped you off and got ripped off of your weed in the process lol

    ***** you got like a eigth of stemweight

    jk lol

    looks like some good middies tho
  5. That weed doesn't look that bad close-up. Really stemmy though, you'd spend alot of time digging stem out of the pile.

    and that aint no sandwich, thats just bread!
  6. Lol....yes it was quite a bit of bread but my friend made the mistake of leaving it on a plate on the floor and as we went back outside to smoke more my dog got ahold of it and ate the rest....was a good 1/3 chunk and it was gone...few little pieces of bread.
  7. lmao the sandwhich pic is hilarious. those buds look just fine, high mids? crystaly middies is always a good buy to me.
  8. Yea we got pretty messed up. I changed the aluminum foil bowl to a small socket....melted the pen tube a lil and shoved it down the tub for an airtight seal and when the bowl is all ash it cleans itsself out into the water. Really good hits
  9. that weed looks decent..i would defnately love to smoke some of it haha
  10. That is a hell of a sandwhich, Damn.
  11. Sweet pics but I can't see shit in the video though, haha. Still cool man, way cool dude, I love bread.
  12. Yea the video isn't that good....next time I'm able to do it during the day I may...if anyone still wants to see it.
  13. Damn dude thats a Fucking big sandwhich, and those nugs dont look to bad
  14. I'd smoke it. And I'd eat it. And... I'd fucking enjoy it.

    I always get those huge loafs of bread and then get like a pound of BBQ shredded beef from the deli and a couple slices of cheese on top. Heat it all up and throw it down the hatch. Mmmm...

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