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  1. and see some new places, all i need is the father to co sign n i'll have a kawasaki zx-6r to whizz around on n get like 80mpg, also this would allow me to have a vehicle at any time of the day as long as it isnt A raining nor B snowing, fuck how cold it is haha, not to mention it would get some credit under my belt, dude said with a 1000 dollar down payment i can get 100$ a month financing, n i could jus suffer not doing anything for 4 weeks n volunteering for overtime to get 1000 real quick (plus some illegal means)

    now... haha all the years of daydreaming of this will finally come true just so long as my father agrees to co sign

    not to mention technically he could jus kick my ass if i didnt give him money out of every paycheck, and/or get that shit strait out of my bank account cuz i still have a checking account from when i was underage and i have direct deposit so he could go to the bank on payday n make 100% sure he got his money before i even got out of work to get to the bank

    haha pray for me GC.... cuz i think he's gonna say no n ruin shit
  2. Well, if you dont pay he would be legally responsible so kicking your ass wouldnt really solve that issue, but he might just b/c.

    Good luck w/ it tho. Dont kill your damn self on that thing.
  3. if your father cared about you at all he would say no, any parent that would give a druggie a ninja is a dumbass.

  4. i disagree. im 19 and my dad cosigned for my yamaha r6 and he knows i smoke. hell we share joints from time to time. i LOVE riding. ive also been dooing it my entire life. i dont reccomend a 600 to someone unless theyve had ATLEAST a years expeerience. ive had 3 friends die on 600s because of lack of expierence. it sucks wathcing you best friend die. take it from me
  5. Man 3 friends die...:(...and your best friend...:(:(

    I thought I had a rough day when I found out my friend of 3 years died in a car accident at age 23 last night. :(
  6. i disagree... i started on an F4i when i was 15 (told the insurance company it was a 250cc HAHA) and after about 6 months i was riding highchairs, spreaders, and seatstanders down all the local highways... some people got it and some people dont.

  7. haha thats the whole reason i want a bike, i can fuckin wheelie anything so i'm sure a street bike cant be all that much different from a dirtbike, quad, pedal bike, wheelchair, haha yes wheelchair

    636cc's is a bit more power than i'm used to though so i aint gonna try nothin til after i get a real good feel for it, i've ridden 500 dirtbikes but no wheelies, 250 is the top wheelie bike i've done

  8. nah im saying he always post about all his drug adventures nad it wouldnt be smart for him to ride a bike like this for transportation.
  9. ^^ yea, try goin back in like the past 6 months n see how many drug adventures u find in a search, i bet you find maybe 1, i jus smoke these days
  10. i tried to neg rep dutch master but he's banned.

    i'm hopin you get the bike neg, that would be fucking sweet. 80mpg would also be fucking sweet.
  11. yea me to, but i already lost faith cuz my dad is bein an asshole sayin i "lied to him again" because i told him i was gettin paid this week cuz i needed all 200 dollars of my half paycheck for somethin he wouldnt approve of, although he knew of it in the first place cuz i was strait forward with him about me needin to mail some shit to canada.

    his reply was "well i thought you were jus sendin a letter and they were gonna send yous hit n then you would send the money"

    yea, like that would ever fuckin happen

    but anyway i don think now is the proper time to ask, might have to wait til tomorrow or somethin, so fuckin anxious to jus find out though

    haha but usually god hates me when it comes to anythin healthy n fun he likes to kill me slowly, so i don think it'll ever go down,

    and on top of not trusting me with payin money (not that i could fuck his credit up anymore than he already managed to do usin credit cards) i don know if he'll even approve of me havin a bike, he'll prolly jus say some gay shit like "no, u'll kill yourself"

    haha in that case i'ma jus threaten to start doin mad drugs again cuz he knwos i been doin good, n hopefully that one will work

    but for real i don think he's gonna trust me he'll be like "you couldnt even pay your attorney 600 dollars" but in reality, i didnt pay because i could have took a 52 dollar loss for a free public defender but he insisted that i couldnt miss any work so it cost me 600 dollars so i said fuck that n let him pay for makin me deal wit that bullshit, not to mention the attorney didnt do a damn thing i couldnt have done myself

    other than that i dunno, i always manage to pay my cell phone bill regardless of if i'm employed or not so i don see y he wouldnt trust me on payin for somethin i enjoy having
  12. So you haven't asked yet, good your waiting for that right moment. Timing is everything! I hope you get it
  13. I believe a motorcyle, especially a crotch rocket, demands a certain amount of maturity. I remember when I was driving back in high school I wouldn't go anywhere under 70 mph. Now that I look back on it, a lot of my peers drove wrecklessly. I eventually got out of that and I'm now a cautious driver. I haven't had a traffic violation in years as a opposed to the numerous ones I obtained in my younger years. A guy who lives down the road from me will have a child's mind for the rest of his life because him and a friends were having fun and racing motorcyles and he ran off the road.

    Now, I know nothing about you and I'm not saying you're not mature enough, but you have the absolutely careful on those things. You're risk of severe injury is a lot higher on a motorcycle than a car or truck.

    A friend of mine once ran into the back of a truck that had made a sudden stop. Messed him up for quite some time. If you can't work, are you going to be able to still pay for that bike?
  14. I'm 19 and I drive a Suzukia Bandit 600cc.

    I am a fairly causious rider but when I'm stoned I'm extra causious.

    My brother has a Ninja 600, nice bike but I don't like the riding position!
  15. I really want to get a sport bike... At the moment im commuting to work on a honda xr650L And its not the best for commuting. Its still better than four wheels though
  16. haha i remember the days when you would always come on about some crazy shit about cookin drugs in your kitchen and shit... so funny. Glad to see you pulled out of it though... good times can't last forever.
  17. Those bikes dont get 80 mpg. Hell mopeds only get around 100 and they are 50cc. And I am content with my moped and my diesel vw,45 mpg for that.

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