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Sweet little pickup!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Gavlar, May 24, 2010.

  1. Picked up a quarter just there, Good few buds in it and not too much stem so that's good! Better than my usual!

    Alot of trichome coverage which is good! Dealer gave me the rest of his J just there and i'm pretty damn relaxed right here!

    Trim isn't too good but the buds underneath are lush.

    Used my phone so sorry pics aren't macro quality.



  2. Mmmmm. Look at those yummy crystals.
  3. If they didn't have so many leaves I would say those are pretty sweet buds.
  4. Your signature is hilarious ahaa
  5. Just had a j of it there. Superb stuff! Best of 2010 :hello:
  6. Nice shit man. Looks like some purp. how much did it run you.

  7. After a second glance, while high, I realized that those leafs have enough trichs where I would roll em up so they are little balls and mix em in with the rest of the weed. :smoke:

  8. I smoked a honey blunt yesterday of some OG Sour and i must say that was my best of 2010 so far.. After the whole body high and just buggin out on the couch wit my boys it just left me feeling stupid hahaha:poke:
  9. Yeah I've been putting them in there too. Best 1/4 i've spent my money on in a while! :smoke:
  10. Na man it's definately not purp. Would rock if it was but it's not! Still quality smoke. Got it for $70
  11. Id say pick those leaves off by hand. Trust me they will look amazing

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