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Sweet Island Skunk Pickup

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Alec3335, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. Picked up an eighth of this dank Sweet Island Skunk for 30 its a dank local strain.​

    Very nice tasting bud with a very nice head high.

    Perfect weed for work!

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  2. Nice pick up for only $30 an 8th
  3. $30 an 8th is a steal.

    smoke up!
  4. delish. enjoy my friend. :D
  5. This stuff is definetely delish. Thanks guys!
  6. This bud was definetely not delicious, after smoking the nug shown in the picture my heart began to race and i began hallucinating like crazy. After about 5 hours of tripping like crazy I hit up the dealer whom I had gotten it from and he straight up told me it was laced with crack cocaine. I think its pretty fucked up for people to lace shit and not tell you before hand.

    Decriminalize marijuana!
  7. :confused::confused:

    It looks like good dank to me..
  8. Love that strain. Had it a few times. Always was word " Island Sweet Skunk"

  9. As it did to me, untill I smoked it. It had a very funny taste and i was not the only one hallucinating, I was with 3 other people. One girls face turned very pale, fell over, and almost passed out.
  10. This is why 13 year olds should not smoke pot.

    Get out of here op

    You said it tasted nice with a good uplifing high in the original post..
  11. nice frosty nuggggg
  12. Well im actully 20, and ive been smoking for about 5 years.

    There were different looking nugs in the sack.. The first nug I smoked was legit weed, the second and one pictured was not. I know for a fact it was laced
  13. Thank your dealer for the free crack...

    "well im actually 20" get out of here man
  14. you're from Portland and you claim you get laced weed? GTFO... i was just in Portland the other week... you must know the wrong people man... and you cant be 20 ;)

    Looks dank for 30/eighth... not sure why your "dealer" would lace his weed... he's wasting money doing that rofl... especially for 30/eighth... i get eighths for $30-40 here in Montana. :smoke:... not laced... usually from the caregiver or grower (or one hand down from grower)
  15. Im pretty sure you and your 12 year old buddies just had some really dank weed

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