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Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Aug 15, 2007.

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  1. ...and what an eventful week its been for me that you guys have missed, i managed to almost die from an OD again, figure out i got jacked for 2000 instead of 700, got a lead to a better job, and got a girl i\'m currently pursuing

    ok, so yea, on friday i pretty much was in a fuck it attitude since i got ripped off 700 dollars, that i\'d taken a loan out for, so i got 4 50mcg fentanyl patches spotted to me, melted down 2 of em and shot em up (i figured it out to be 10 bags of extremely pure heroin) with a smile on my face, not depressed or anything like that, even told a couple people on AIM i was about to do it n laughed about it, and then wokeup in my bed 45 minutes later with police and paramedics around me with an oxygen mask on, apparently i stopped breathing for about 30 minutes while my dad gave me CPR while the paramedics were on the way, and when they got here my heart stopped working to, so they busted out some narcanon (think thats what its called) and the defibulators, n brought me back to life, n then i got out of bed n walked to the ambulance... they fucked up my IV pretty bad, cuz theres blood stains on my bed and floor... the police wanted to arrest me right when i wokeup for parafenelia charges but my dad told em to get the fuck outta the house since they had no business being in there anyway in the first place, and at the hospital they wanted to 302 me but fuck that shit, i aint psychotic, just a lil wacky at times

    wasnt really a suicide attempt, more like a \"lets see if this kills me, n if it dont then i must have some sort of purpose on this earth\"

    so yea that was pretty sweet, and then i found out i got jacked for more than 700 dollars, cuz the dude who fucked me for 700 fucked me for 1300 earlier because he supposedly went to jail and another guy supposedly took his place, but it was the same guy, not very fuckin nice of him... but hes got some shit comin to him via myself so i aint worried about it, i\'ll get my money back one way or another whether i grab it from his house or the DEA awards me for gettin his ass arrested, or both for that matter

    my friends girlfriends dad is a painter in the union, n he was tellin me if i get in i\'ll start out at 17 bucks an hour just to start, if not more since i have 2 years of prior painting experience, not to shabby compared to the 8 i\'m makin now, and since i have a reference for it hopefully that\'ll get me in that bitch, he told me to just keep tryin if i dont get in the first couple times, and eventually i will

    and as for the girl, she\'s fine, smokes bud and drinks, n i think shes feelin me, so what more could i ask for haha

    so yea, that was the last week of my life, anyone else have an exciting week? :)
  2. ssounds eventfull.
  3. my dads lawyer used to shoot those patchs he got a HUGE lump where he injected them got infected and he died from it

    he was cleaning his needles in alc. before each use too
  4. Good to have you back, Better that you\'re alive. I\'ve had a fun week:

    Been blazing a 1/4oz+ a day.

    Got my lip pierced yesterday.

    Left my fucking cellphone in a friend\'s car last night. I want it back.

    and yeh thats it.
  5. DAm that was a nutso story. Gl to ur ass in the future
  6. Man with all the shit you go through pretty much everyday, you should write a book or something haha.
  7. so, whats the purpose your on earth, \'cuz i cant quite figure it out....
  8. damn yo shit musta been fucked up.
  9. Normally I wouldn\'t tell people what to put into their bodies, but jesus negligent, you need to slow your roll big time and get some stuff sorted out
  10. what are hose patches? do you wear em like a nic patch? and if so how can you inject melted plastic and adhesive without dieing?

  11. whats yours? i dont think sitting around smoking pot and living in your parents basement is something to be very proud of.
  12. I don\'t think anyone who joins a community made for marijuana users should be knocking someone for \"sitting around smoking pot\". :rolleyes:
  13. Fentanyl patches are REALLY strong painkillers that are just as they say, patches. You put em on you and they get absorbed through your skin.

    People who get prescribed this shit have already been using STRONG painkillers for awhile and have built up a tolerance.

    They are painkillers that last about 3 days, and I would LOOOOVE to get my hands on some.
  14. Its a synthetic opiate thats apparently stronger than heroin. You can get the gel out of the patches and melt that down to inject.

  15. its probably the strongest narcotic, they come in patches that u put on ur arm or chest and it relieves chronic pain for 72 hours until you have to change the patch again

    so basically i took 6 days worth of painkillers in 1 shot

    edit: and to answer the question above me, a gram of fentanyl is equal to 100 grams of heroin, thats why the patches come in microgram doses which is a millionth of a gram if i\'m not mistaken

    and i dunno my purpose on earth, but there must be some kinda point, cuz like, i really should be dead with some of the shit i\'ve done but i\'m not... so why havent i died yet, i feel like i\'m pretty much useless to the world right now but who knows haha or i\'ll jus be an average ass dude with a crazy life story to tell

    n yea, i already considered writin a book, cuz this other dude did it n its in oprahs book club haha, at least thats waht the sticker on it says, n if oprah is readin it, u know ur gonna make fat money
  16. but what are the patches made of? how can you melt and inject it? i know the nicotien ones are plastic. what about these?
  17. Good to see youre still around, take it easy dude.
  18. IMO you take the \'i done a give a fuuuuck\' attitude a bit too far, this is your life were talkin here, you might not be \'afraid\' of death, but i\'ll bet some cash that LIFE > DEATH
    ive read some of your stories and you should be dead if they are all true, your in some ways a miracle, dont you think the \'experimenta\'l stage is over for you? at the very minumum get educated about what you take, i mean if you say you do your research and you still take a Possibly lethal dose of a drug, then there\'s something wrong. on the bright side, if you dont die and can actually have kids, you got some great stories to tell, if you remember
    if you truly don give a fuck then i dont either, its just sad to see this...
    in your case, what doesnt kill you, only make you stronger i supose :rolleyes:
    GL with whatever is it you do mate
  19. you realize you\'re a pretty useless member of your society.
  20. i knew it was alot more than potentially lethal, it pretty much was, but i\'ve handled over the LD50 on erowids page before, significantly on some, i was goin for another one to see if the same would happen, n if i died it aint like i\'d know it anyway cuz i\'d jus go unconscious like i did but never wakeup, cuz 45 went by like i\'d just gotten into my bed, although i have no memory of walkin out of my bathroom

    and i may be a useless member of society, and to alot of people you are to cuz you smoke weed, but i\'m not as useless as you posting how useless i am, so i got one up on you my friend

    oh yea, n the lead singer of the band in ur avatar died from a heroin overdose, so he\'s useless too haha

    edit: the patches are made of plastic, you cut em open and usually suck the gell out of em, or you can squeeze it out onto a spoon, put heatlamp over it or let it sit for awhile n it\'ll evaporate, scrape up the leftover goo and either smoke it or mix it with vinegar n poke it
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