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  1. I just went to a local shop and they had a very nice looking 7mm percolator beaker style bong. It was made by a company named "sweet". The price was $130 and it looked awesome.

    I haven't heard of it so I didn't buy it. But I might go back next week and pick it up.

    Anyone heard of it?
  2. I have never heard of it either. But just because its not a popular brand name doesnt mean its not good. If you like the way it looks you should get it regardless of the brand name.:smoking:

  3. Thanks man. I am considering. From what he is saying, it is going just as good as any other brand name.
  4. Dont always trust the people that work at head shops. Some of them have no idea what quality glass is and will tell you anything to get you to buy something. I would say try to look at the quality. Is it 7mm all the way around. Does the perc look legit or flimsy. Also check the joint thickness. But really if you are careful with it, it will last either way.

  5. 7mm all the way around. And the guy seems like a stand up guy. He wasn't pressuring me at all. It looked / felt like top quality.

    I want something decent but I'm not willing to spend the money the other brands wan for their 7mm bongs. It's either this one or a ehle.

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