Sweet deep grapefruit, blue hash and california hashplant Dinafem grow

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    Hi GC,

    Lost my camera some time ago, had to borrow one for the pics which is why this journal starts 2 weeks into 12/12.


    From seed, 2x blue hash, 2x cali hashplant & 1x deep sweet grapefruit


    Started in rockwool cubes under a cfl for about 3 weeks, repotted into pots as roots poked through. Bionova nutes and boosters used + superthrive + nitrozyme. Handwatered, ie passive hydro system on the go. Each plant topped a couple of times to encourage bushiness and side growth.

    Intermediate stage

    I like to give the girls a little time with 18/6 under a HPS before going down to 12/12. Repotted into 10l buckets and put into my homemade grow tent under a 400W HPS with digi ballast. Started training the branches to grow horizontally, going for a screenless scrog type system here. Max. exposure of bud sites to light.


    Photos at this stage are taken 2 weeks into 12/12, flower development looking fine. Cabrón filter and extractor running, temps pretty much ideal at 21-26C depending if lights on or not. Every couple of days hack loads of fan leaves out if they are shading bud sites. PK 13 14 in use and nute concentrations increased.


    Took a cutting from one of the blue hash plants, something I've only really tried once before. This was taken just before 12/12 while still in intermediate stage. Done using pH adjusted water (pH adjustment done using chemical/color test) and scalpel, inserted into rockwool and a hood made from a sawn off soft drink bottle.

    After repotting and seeing root development, started feeding 1/2 strength nutes.

    Pot luck as to which one took the cutting from, if that BH plant ends up being whack I'll kill the cutting, if not keep it as mother. Might try re-veging one of the plants if I find a keeper.

    Suffered some pH probs early on, was flying blind with adjustment and prob. had pH way too low. Stunted the cali HPs at the beginning and the blue hash a bit, the grapefruit didn't care and grew fine regardless. Soon after I gave up on expensive and unreliable electrical pH testers and went to chemical method, the plants recovered and now seem fine. Guessing suffered some nute lockout.

    More to come.

    BM :wave:
  2. hey Bud thanks for stopping by my thread.. ill be watching this to see how it turns out.. they look pretty good for having some Ph/ lockout probs early on. seems your just a couple weeks ahead of mine, ill be watching for sure :D
  3. Hi thoz, glad to have you on board, welcome. Currently at 2.5 weeks into 12/12 and looking fine. The cali hashplants flower development is lagging behind the others', speculating that it's the pH probs they were suffering from. I gave them a couple of weeks to recover from those before flipping to 12/12, maybe wasn't enough time.

    They're supposed to be the fastest maturing of the 2 strains, not looking amazing at the mo. The blue hash I took the cutting from seems to be the beast so far. Size and flower development is #1 atm.

    Not sure what the status is with the clone, after about 10 days, roots were poking out of the rockwool so I potted her up into a larger pot with more rockwool as the medium and gave her a water of 1/3 strength nutes.

    Then got paranoid that this would be too much and flushed with pH adjusted water, some of the leaves not looking to great. Moved her further away from the light in case temps were to blame. Only have 1 desk fan and that's in the flower tent, cash sitch is serious at the mo and can't afford any more hardware right now.

    Overall the flowering is looking nice for this stage, even if the 2 cali HPs are lagging. Will take another round of pics in a few days, I'll try to muster the energy to set up the cfl in there for better pic taking light. Pics once a week is the target.
  4. Can't upload pics from any browser, for some reason. Abandoning thread. Laters

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