sweet day ;P pun intended

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by bubbleerjsp, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. yo whats good guys. i'm a senior in highschool, and got bought a dime for 1.3. my boy o hook it up. it was raining here man damn, went to the bathroom but it was locked.

    GOT myself a joint paper that i got from one of my other friends, prick off that lemonhaze i got and put in a king size zig zag! roll it nice but not tight as i imagined because it was super cold and now im all heated :smoke:.

    well to end it off i just went to the first basket ball game was boring :p but now im settling in and hopefully made a new friend. :p
  2. how has the city been doing?
  3. go back to school.
  4. What did i just read? You tried to roll a joint in the bathroom but the door was locked so you smoked in the rain?
  5. nah man there was a cover so i sat down in the dark with phone on max brightness and put on idle.
  6. Are you on drugs?
  7. brool cory so
  8. want a cookie?
  9. I'm just left CONFUSED after reading this....ugh! What even happened? Ahhhhhhhhh

    Edit: Also, where's the pun?!
  10. Op needs to buy a journal.
  11. what a badass using that king size zig zag man
  12. Oh shit king size zig zag watch out there chief :cool:
  13. Dude no offense but that made no sense:smoke:
    all i got was he rolled a 1.3g joint

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