sweet bubbler i picked up for 15.

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    picked up this sweet bubbler today at my gas station for 15...was surprise tho...seen mini ones for the same price..this one feels heavy and like its worth more..it rips like a champ! my first bubbler..named it Biggie Smalls...Its small but rips big!pretty dirty..but what ya think?[​IMG][/IMG]
  2. If you bought it today then why is it so dirty? Nice looking piece though, have one that is almost the same just with a different design, but I paid $20 at some market.

  3. cause ive blazed a 8th of some dank..a dime of reggie my homie brought.and some resin balls from old pipe...yea...pretty chill day..post pic of urs!:hello: keep burnin!
  4. Pretty sure I have the same exact bubbler I got for free from one of my band mates. Rips nicely, but I accidently burnt the fuck out of my nose when lighting the bud. It was funny though lol. It was probably just because the lighter, but I wish the bubbler was a bit bigger or had a different shape or something.

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