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    But you must understand the power of the know-it-all people. they know shit but they control the agenda and Media refuse to touch it.

    In Sweden we /they have a law that has made it illegal to have any forbidden chemical in your blood stream so they draw blood by force and you get mostly a fine or if young to be doing time w social services. Parents may loose their kids (AAWWRRRGGHHH) And the whole subject of drugs is put under a name -'KNARK'- and to these ppl are heroin and marijuana the same evil and instead of helping ppl with problems with hard drugs they send in the cops its sad.

    I belive this blood stream thing is unique in the world. The cops know its a unwinnable war so they just doing the stats as the goody2shoes is real assholes

    And the cops use this as a reason to take you to the station for test if you somehow are disturbing to them.
    One man filmed a brutal arrest with is phone cam and they forced him to erase it cause'arent you a little dry in your mouth? -you pupils seem big."

    But he was a tech dude and used some tech to recover it and put it up on his blog and then mainstream media took a turn in the dark side of Sweden (ladi da -we are so good-la la la -telling everybody what to do-pom pom pom AARRGGGHHH)

    But we import 9 metric tons of hasch so
    it wont go away

    100 000+ Swedes are criminalized all the time since its traceable up to 2 weeks and we are not following the UN-charter we have signed. the part of harm reduction do not fit the agenda of hate.

    One try to argue but they are full of shit like:
    "i am a optimist - we will stop it"

    And at the same time 20% of students age 17-19 have tried it so its slowly opening towards reason cause so many ppl will have real experience and may witness about the positive aspects of M and the paranoid fantasies that is 'the truth' now will fade.

    I ask you all to send witness about it to our main news ppl and say that Sweden is a little lost in this area and the brutal ways gives the country a sad bad picture and
    there is already warnings for Sweden at travel sites and

    here are some urls-plzzz hepl us':

    Nyheter - DN.SE
    SvD | Sveriges kvalitetssajt för nyheter
    Sveriges Radio - lokala och rikstäckande radiokanaler
    Aftonbladet: Sveriges nyhetskälla och mötesplats
    Nyheter - Senaste nytt | Expressen - Nyheter Sport Ekonomi Nöje

    these are all in Swedish but at the bottom you will find 'contact' or in Swedish -kontakt and link to mail adresses.

    We must end this idiotic situation and i turn to high and low with the message. We cant even debate it in public cause if you are pro youd be consider a knarkare and as a knarkare you are not to be trusted, ppl are sure you lie about everything and a real stigma has been build since many years. You have no credibility and nothing you say is true and you are seen as a kid and loose your rights and they question your ability of parenting and the society see you as a 'KNARKARE' and those is okey to project whatever shit they have in their minds.
    Its a shame population that get blames for everything bad and ppl are so sure after many years that this is the case so its frustrating and f**g hell.

    So if you have ten minutes - go tell trhe morons the truth.

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  3. Give him a break. He's foreign.

  4. No harm intended. I tried to read what he wrote, but I couldn't understand most of it. I'd like to know what this is about, though.

    Even his links are in Swedish!
  5. i have tried to correct the worst miss spellings and the people at the Swedish news all understand English very well-we study English from first grade but its unusual to use it cause one is more used to hear it from all the movies and television shows we get from you.


    My life is good as it is.:smoke:

  6. I'm in, who do I gotta drop a truth bomb on?

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