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  1. Just wondering if there’s anyone in Australia who orders their seeds from an online Swedbank. And if so which one do you use? Plenty of threads from years ago but couldn’t find anything more recent.
  2. https://www.dinkumseeds.com/ all skunk crosses, a skunk strain expert..
    https://www.cavemanseeds.com.au dont know much about them but they are australian and they exist lol
    https://www.southernstarseeds.net/ is australian but they dont take care of their own ordering... Buy Southern Star Seeds - NO customs for Australia! | Cannabis Seeds is a uk seedbank that takes care of the online ordering and they will ship from within australia... read the disclaimer on the page for shipping to AU info...
  3. Had about 6 orders from The Vault to Perth AUS with no issues at all, free t-shirt everytime

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