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sweaty insomnia after quitting cannabis..

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Non, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. anyone get this? I was all hot and sweaty the whole night and going in and out of sleep.
  2. Nope, never experienced that. There is nothing physically addictive about cannabis, but perhaps psychologically it affected your sleep.
  3. Sweaty insomnia can be caused by a plethora of things.. and most likely not cannabis considering its not physically addicting.
  4. Yeah, i would bet that you were thinking about marijuana over and over the whole day and before you went to sleep, unable to let you get some sleep. Do you have an addictive personality? Cause there may not be any physical addiction, but mentally addictive to those who have addictive personalities? I bet. :(
  5. I know you guys are gonna give me shit for saying this.. but cannabis has been proven to be very very mildly physically addicting. There are scientific studies ive seen about it, as another forum i went to set the record straight showing them.(and i bet ill have to back them up here)

    Though the severity is different for different people, and its all much less than even caffeine. Sometimes the mentally addicting part can keep you up, with some mild physical symptoms like sweating.. taper down when you quit for a bit.

  6. I've seen the studies. It's still a theory and has yet to be proven but there is interesting research done. I still lean towards skepticism as there are even more studies that refute the findings of the ones you are referring to.
  7. Anyone who says it's not physically addictive is naive in my opinion

    i've been smoking for over 20 years and if I ever have a dry day the effect is quite noticeable

    and to the OP - yes - I have the same problem - I have sweats and CANNOT sleep if i'm not stoned when I go to bed

    sad but true :(
  8. I've used it heavily 30 years here and the times I've had to quit for one reason or another has caused me zero problems. It's in your head.
  9. The cool thing i like about that debate is it is hard to draw the line. As a severe mental addiction can manifest itself in physical symptoms so when does quit being mentally addictive and start being physically addictive?

  10. There isn't much difference. The mind and the body are inextricably intertwined. Psychological addiction is very real. I wasn't saying it's a sign of weakness either; some people are just more prone to addiction than others.
  11. Sweaty sleeping is a metabolism problem (or you're going thru menopause).

    I sleep with my window open, but that doesn't help much. I've also heard that some types of mattresses sleep 'hot'.
  12. Even IF marijuana is less addictive physically than caffeine that still does not explain the symptoms...When is the last time you noticed caffeine withdrawls (excluding when you drink a shitton of energy drinks and crash)
  13. If you took caffeine every day (at least 100mg) and stopped outright, you would be bitchy, irratible, even nausea and vomiting.

    This is a very interesting debate especially about it becoming a physical addiction even though the addiction really lies in your head. However, if you smoke cigarettes, you know what it is to physically crave something. Before I started cigs, just smoking weed, I wondered if that's what it was like to crave a cigarette. Well it's not, the two have a major difference in terms of NEED. I just wanna smoke weed because its fun, and it helps me sleep (addiction :eek:)?

  14. The thing I see that seperates weed is there is little reason to not smoke it, like there are for alcohol, cigarettes etc. So its okay to do it for fun, everyday and I agree, sleeping is so much better when you're high.
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    I have the same problem with sweating at night sometimes it gets so bad im waking up 4-5 times a night to dry off with a towel. I have no idea what the cause or cure might be but heres what i've been able to figure out about myself personally.

    I only have extreme sweats when im having "nightmares" or severely alarming dreams, unfortunately I get these very frequently. The only things ive found to help are,

    1: sleeping during the day

    2: sleeping with my clothes on

    3: smoking myself to sleep (this usually puts a stop to most dreaming for me)

    4: forcing myself to sleep on my back (extremely hard for me to fall asleep this way)

    5: keeping noise playing while i sleep (music,tv, best of all some simpsons episodes!)

    I know how you feel though man it sucks to get woke up several times a night from sweating.. maybe this will give you a bit of insight into how others experience this problem?

    Well good luck!
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    Well.. I feel like I have sorta lost my ability to "fall asleep" even though I can get relaxed and stuff.. I still can't fall asleep. It may not be related to marijuana, but it also may be. I hope it doesn't alter brain chemistry.. especially if used for sleep a lot. I smoked A LOT for the past 3-4 yrs, daily. I would quit for a couple months then go back. I smoked for more time tho it was only about 3 or so 2-4 month periods of not smoking.

    I started to have my insomnia when I started smoking everyday and staying up all night on the comp. I pushed myself beyond boundaries, thinking I was superman or something (really). Now it 's 3 yrs later and it seems like I can have lots of trouble falling asleep no matter how "relaxed' i may feel. I don't think I get much REM, it's more like.. a light sleep throughout the night. like I just stay relaxed the whole night.... but i dont fall asleep. it's weird. Not entirely relaxed tho I guess.. I kinda stay.. superconscious. or hyperaware... of my head. and I guess I just stay pretty conscious throughout the night. It feels like my awareness is at my head... and I try to move it, and it feels kind of stuck?

    I hope I'm not brain damaged or anything.
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    the facility of the brain, is physical. Even though it is a "mental" facility, it is still "physical". we have neurotransmitters, we have chemistry. everything that exists can be considered "material". even if it's just "in your head" it's not always airy fairy clouds that are really simple to move. bad concepts can create pathways in your brain.

    people that rely on it to sleep, MAY indeed become addicted if depending on many factors. I think anyway...

    it may kinda be like your brain, or something "forgetting" how to fall asleep on it's own. Or the body, or I.
  18. I get night sweats when i take a t-break too usually the first 5 nights or so. Lately i've been getting them a lot longer, or they'll stop and a few days later i'll get them again. It's weird. I don't know what causes it, but i wake up soaked and freezing or hot sometimes. I usually have to change clothes and dry off before i feel comfortable enough to fall asleep again. It's actually pretty bad, and it's sucks not getting sleep. I can wake up anywhere from 1-6 times during the night all sweaty.

    I'm hoping it's something to do with not having marijuana in my system, because i looked at the possible causes of night sweats online and there are some horrible diseases that cause it.
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    u know that's funny. I used to smoke cigarettes a lot , but I could quit cold turkey instantly with no "physical" reactions, except for the boredom. That's the only thing. And habit, ie being used to feeling smoke in your lungs, smoking as an activity, etc.

    Another thing to consider. Perhaps the weed you get from street dealers are different from the medical strains. Perhaps there is a 'right" amount to consume and a point where there is "too much".

    I hope some people do take that into consideration.
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    I dont want to rely on it for sleep. I think .. it may not be too useful for me to sleep either. Even though I have had insomnia, weed might help a little but it doesn't even help that much. It usually keeps me stimulated for a couple hrs or so before I go to bed, and I guess that may also be because I may smoke a sativa rather than indica. Or other factors like artificially grown weed. I would also wake up feeling more tired I think. I might even wake up after my high is gone because there is a "change" in my awareness.

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