Sweaty armpits.

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  1. Well the weather has been fantastic here in Chicago and that means tshirts. Unfourtunatly i have the problem of sweaty armpits and it really makes me uncomfortable and self consious. I use anti perspirant and it doesnt help. Im sure the cause is anxiety because when im in school or around people is when i sweat but when im at home im fine. Anybody else have this problem? If so what do you do? If you dont maybe you can still help? Any tips
    would be appreciated.

    Thanks fellow marijuana inhalers.
  2. guacamole pits
  3. Are you fat? Fat people sweat a lot.

    Undershirts are the only other solution I can think of. I fucking hate undershirts.
  4. Yup yup. Doesnt help with the confidence factor but now i know theres a name for it.
  5. Not fat at all. Skinny in fact.
  6. Ya thats actually what im planning on doing after i try some clinical strength anti perspirant.
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  8. Isn't sweaty arm pits NORMAL?

    I'd say use some caulk to plug up them sweat glands.
  9. Happens when I don't smoke for a day or two and my body starts to detox and sweat a lot.

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