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Sweating Out THC Myth or Actual

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ResearchIt, May 20, 2010.

  1. So I have been detoxing to get a decent job for the summer, it's been 10 days of healthy eating, drinking copious amounts of water and green tea, exercising, and of course not smoking. I tested myself yesterday morning with a First Check Home drug test, and regrettably failed.

    After failing the test I decided to surf the web for ways to get THC out of my system faster, however, it is difficult sifting through all the false information on the internet. I have been reading a lot about sweat, and so far I see as many people saying it doesn't work as people that do.

    People that say it doesn't work say:

    Sweat is the bodies way of cooling itself down and THC is stored in fat; you can't sweat out fat.

    While there are trace amounts of toxins in sweat, most toxins stay in your body and are excreted through urine and bowl movements.

    Evidence That it might work:
    Excretion of Delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol in sweat. [Forensic Sci Int. 2008] - PubMed result a study that shows that THC is excreted through sweat, read the abstract.

    Usefulness of Sweat Testing for the Detection of Cannabis Smoke -- de la Torre and Pichini 50 (11): 1961 -- Clinical Chemistry Editorial that talks about use of sweat in drug testing.

    Just something to LOL about: What Narconon tells students - SFGate just read through the dialogue, lies people tell kids in school lol.

    So to the point, what do you guys think? Has anyone ever just sweated a lot to pass a test, if so let us know your body type and metabolism? (Note dont tell us if you sweated while exercising, because it could have been the exercise and not the sweat) Has anyone ever tried sweating only and failed a test, if so let us know your body type and metabolism?
  2. THC = Stored in fat = Burned when exercising. I have passed drug test by working out and running. Having a fast metabolism helps too! ;)

    Oh! And don't forget to replace all that burnt fat with... NEW FAT!!! Just pig out on ice cream and fried chicken before you drop. That also helps coping the danklessness with the pre-drop ritual.
  3. This would be a kick ass Mythbusters episode
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  4. Its no wounder you failed after 10 days and working out. What that other dude said thc is stored in fat and all the working out is burning it out. I remember reading on here that some people can smell weed in their sweat. *sniffs armpit*
  5. im pretty sure it doesnt acutally come out in sweat, its just activites that make you sweat will burn fat where the thc likes to cling.
  6. take a lot of vitamint B and Niacin. go to the apprentice forum i think and look for a sticky on Detox, its really good and simple, just go to see how much u should take.

    I do find that when I use the sauna regularly, i get a better high when I smoke, so it could very well help. Saunas are supposed to help your body release toxins. if you do some exercises in there it helps get it out of the muscle too...drink lots of water the day of and lotsssss after and keep taking vita b and niacin youll be clean in a few days no doubt
  7. hmmm.. no wonder why my sweat has been so sticky... :hello:

  8. ^this

  9. I am still skeptical as to whether or not it is actual THC that they are testing for and not cannabis metabolites such as cannabinol Cannabinol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia or 11-nor-9-Carboxy-THC 11-nor-9-Carboxy-THC - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, both of which are non psychoactive and stay in fat cells. I mean THC is metabolized in your body within 15 minutes of smoking, and if that was not the case we would stay high much longer.
  10. it sounds like only alicedee07 was the only one that actually read the links....

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