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  1. wait what?

    Theres a swear filter?

    Then why do i always see "shit/fuck/goddam/bitch/cunt"?

    Or is there only a list of certain words?

    And if there is, can i please have the list so i know whats gonna be filterd out, so i dont bother to type it? >.>
  2. I believe its only the "n" word, and its variations...

    Such as, ****** and ***** (-er and -a)
  3. While I am somewhat happy to hear people cant use that word hear,I hope they don't go all out and ban every word of such like asshole,ect,ect...

    It can be abused but we are all adult's and should know when and when not to use these choice word's.
  4. The other cuss words are safe :D
  5. Yep, it's been that way for a very long time. Unfortunately, even on a very culturally sound community such as GC, we do get the occasional Racist or Bigot storming through the boards with their N words and other racial slurs.

    They're not all blocked, so occasionally something even we have never heard of gets through, but the user is usually banned before anything else is done. There are ways to get words like that in, such as posting an image file of the text, but they rarely even attempt it.

    Regardless, our other god damn, mother fuckin' cuss words aren't going anywhere.

  6. my choice would be to ban the behavior rather than the word.

    censorship is not good in any form.

  7. Seeing as only a few words are blocked and that only one or two are used, like the N word and its shorther, slang derivative, we know when we see ' ****** ' exactly what is being said.

    If we unblocked them, we would be opening ourselves up to a hell of a lot more abuse of those words, especially people who use it as slang and everyone else getting offended by it. It would, eventually, turn into a heated argument daily and then be blocked again.

    'What? I didn't mean anything by it, I say it every day!'

    'So? You shouldn't say it! It's offensive!'

    You see where I'm coming from?
  8. I'd rep ya if I could.
  9. Exactly! :D
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    Targeting a specific word and its variations only increases its power... :rolleyes: It would be better to ban the behavior or excessive use of the word after warnings. I don't really care though its not like I need to be able to say it.
  11. Can you define excessive?
  12. I suppose excessive is a matter of opinon... You sure got me by the balls. You could set a number on it though in the rules ya know, like three. Then if they use it more than three you refer to it as excessive use. :confused:
  13. Oh ok, i understand now.

    i like it the way it is :)
  14. I don't really have a problem with it either, I was just bringing it up because I like discussions. They are my fetish ;)
  15. I really like the way this is going. It's all starting to come together, We're starting to be a tighter more organized community. With the way it's going a lot of the people will start to realize thats it's immature to talk certain ways around certain people.

    it's all commin around :hello::hello::hello:

  16. its called being a stoner :)
  17. I like that :)
  18. I'm still sticking with the importance of context in which the words are being used.

    If I say, "Fucking shit my toe hurts" its a lot different than if I say, "You fucking piece of shit".

  19. but thats what I am saying....people are going to start to realize that it's immature to talk to peers like that or people that are able to umm ban you :cool:
  20. Its immature to call people rude things like that, but if your using it like "My fucking foot hurts" the word fucking is used to put emphasis on the amount of pain in your foot, its really not negative at all unless you choose to perceive it that way.

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