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Swazi Gold strain

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by DaN Th3 WeeD, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. Hey has anyone tried Swazi Gold before ? Its one of the best strains in South Africa in my oppinion and its very well known here. But i never seem to hear about this strain anywhere on the internet.
  2. you're from south africa? that's cool. and no i've never heard of swazi gold before. btw, unrelated topic, i hear that south africa has a shit load of indians, how true is that from your personal experience?
  3. Interesting, from what I just read on it, it is fairly potent and very cheap. It says it's typically sold as 30 grams, if true how much is this? Just curious at what prices in other countries are.
  4. Lol yea we have a lot of indians lool. Especially in the city Durban. People here call it the indian capital haha.
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    For a 30 gram bag we pay about 150 rands ( around 18 U.S Dollars ) . People consider it a complete rip off if you paid more than 25 dollars lol . In South Africa ( or at least in the city where I live) you pay 8 dollars per gram of some of the most dankest white widow or ak-47 you can get. But normally the strains grown in South Africa like 'Swazi gold' and 'Durban poison' is very cheap.
  6. Wanna describe to us what true African-grown Swazi Gold is like?

  7. Dude thats awesome :hello:

    Do you understand how good you have it compared to other places? I live in the state called Maryland and I gotta tell you people will charge up to 25 a gram for buds like ak-47 or durban posion. Now if I lived in baltimore things would be cheaper but it doesnt compare to the prices you get. Fuck you. Stop making me so jealous. Keep unfair information like that to yourself you make me feel like shit ;).

  8. I wonder if he agrees
  9. Dude things are cheaper because they also earn less money so to people from lesser developed countries things don't seem as cheap as they may sound to you. Also please don't pay $25 a gram anywhere in the US you're getting ripped badly!
  10. Lol I only really realised how expensive it is in other parts of the world till I saw this graph of
    cannabis prices around the globe


    South Africa barely shows up on the graph hahaha I was quite surprised. But over here most of the marijuana comes from Swazi land or Zimbabwe or from Durban. So most of the times it has been compacted( but not bricked ) so your buds never really look very good, but they sure pack a punch and they are often cured very well. But if you have the right connections ( like the dealer I have now) you can get really nice uncompacted flufy buds for almost the same price. Sorry to hear that its so expensive where you live :(

  11. Sure its quite expensive for the people living in townships and rural areas, but the thing is most of those people grow their own anyways. For people living in developed cities like Durban, Pretoria or Johannesburg prices are really cheap. Just about every African in these cities smoke marijuana because its really inexpensive , sometimes even cheaper than cigarettes.
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    Well one of the reasons why I really like this strain was because of the flavour and just how smooth it was. It smells rather spicy/lemony when you brake it up and it burns really nice and evenly. The taste sits in the back in your throat and tastes like you ate some sort of raw strong spice( Im not so sure how to describe it lol) The colour of the buds are also often a more darker green. The high you get from it I believe is more Sativa , but there is also some Indica feeling to it. Oh and its really quite potent. If you get just regular Swazi then its not so strong, but if you get Swazi Gold you will be surprised how potent it is. This strain is quite different from others that Ive tried, if you know anyone who can get you Swazi Gold I would really recommend you try it out.
  13. how easy is it for an american to find swazi gold in south africa? are people pretty cool about dealing to americans or do you really have to know the right people to get connected?

  14. It's an excellent old strain. Good stuff, props for being able to get a regular supply of it. I only see it every few years.

    I believe that Highgrade Seeds sells a Swazi strain. I've been thinking about trying it out.
  15. African strains are delectable.

    Does anyone know if this Swazi Gold has THC-v, the cannabinoid characteristic of the psychedellic sativa effects from these south african strains?
    I had malawi queen for a few months regularly, and I know it had THC-v, makes for a very intesting "up" sativa high.
  16. You should take some pictures!
  17. If grown properly you wont be disappointed. Just if you ever do see it or want to grow it make sure it is Swazi Gold. You can also get regular Swazi which is not as great as Swazi Gold.
  18. I've had both Swazi Gold and Swazi Red and I'd say both were about equally good. I don't know about 'regular' Swazi though.
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    Heck, no one cares what race or colour or what country you are from , they will sell to you anytime. I got all my dealer contacts from different people since High school so Im not so sure how easy it will be to find dealers ( actually, how are you supposed to find a dealer in a different country without attraction attention ? lol) And the thing is when you find a African dealer you can pretty much deal with him on the side of the street with 20 people looking at you because they all smoke weed anyways ( but its always better to meet up in a more secret location) . When I first started buying from this one dealer he used to call me every week asking me if I want more and updating me on what new strains he has lol. Dealers here want as many customers as possible, so they will gladly sell to an American.
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    Regular Swazi is just plain Swazi. Its the lower grade of Swazi Gold and Swazi Red and is mostly smoked by poorer people in townships. But I wouldn't say regular Swazi is bad, I would still smoke it, but its nothing to get excited about.

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