Swat team fires 71 shots in raid killing a marine who fired 0....

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  1. SWAT team fired 71 shots in raid
  2. Typical. AND, none of them will get in any trouble.


  3. wow... thats america
  4. How often do we hear stories like this nowadays? How many innocent people have police gunned down across America?

    This is the direction we are heading unless we fight the powers that be.
    No more Federal Reserve, Take the US out of the UN. No more bankrupting the United States and turning it into a police state.
  5. What exactly was the reason for the entering of his home? I didn't know search warrent = swat team invasion.... There might be more to this. If there isn't, this is disgusting.
  6. It's just absolutely wonderful how this country pays back it's veterans. He survived IED's and hajis with AK's inbetween a Middle Eastern country's Civil War, only to come back to his own country and get 7 paramilitary officers on one, and thats what kills him...? I dont even think theres a word to describe the Irony in this.

  7. Bullshit is the word that comes to mind.
  8. Another fucking drug raid.....

    Cops said that they made themselves clear who they were before they entered...No 2 time marine servicemen is going to be crouching with a AR-15 if he knew they were cops, I call cops covering their ass..
  9. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VyFpOp8Ft0Q]YouTube - Sobchak's Rule(s)[/ame]
  10. Trying not to be too pissed right now. This shit happened here in Tucson. One of the Officers fired hitting a door jamb. Other idiots saw the wood chips hitting his shield and opened up. Arrrgggghhhhh.

    Search warrant details have not been released, yet.
  11. fyi police department now says he didn't fire any shots
  12. And this is why every single cop everywhere, all the time, should be wearing a camera w/ audio... no lying about lights/sirens, no lying about "I've got somethin for you," no lying about loudly and clearly announcing police etc. When they rush in they all shout at the same time, but not the same thing. There's been plenty of raid videos where it's hard to tell WTF any of them are saying, especially while smashing down a fuckin door
  13. Usually I like to hear the other side before I make judgments in cases like this, but I honestly can't think of any situation that would justify this.
  14. update...here's the vid from the raid. I dunno about you guys, but I hear pretty much nothing at all when they're invading the guy's home. Before they smash the door open they yell, but as I said before I can't understand a damn thing they say. Then when the door is smashed open, they're seemingly completely silent, even nonchalant as they stroll in.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XP0f00_JMak&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - ‪Jose Guerena SWAT Raid Video From Helmet Cam‬‏[/ame]
  15. real heroes

    informing post thanks
  16. Once they all start shooting a guy in the back runs up and holds his pistol over their heads and seems to blindfire into the room?

    "ooo, ooo, let me shoot something too!"

    I wonder if it's a coincidence that the only person with a helmet cam is hiding in the car... :confused:
  17. Ya I seen that too. Guy hears fire then goes up and blinds fire...

    Would like to see (if they ever would release this) which guys shot and how many times.

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