Swamp Cooler?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by smokin5280, May 8, 2011.

  1. So Im finishing my first grow in about a week. Not much yeild but it was a learning experience. My grow room has NO ventilation except for a small PC fan wired to the hole in the door where the deadbolt lock would have gone. The room is a storage unit attatched to my house so it gets hot in there, about 10-15 degrees hotter than outside minimum. This is a legal grow just no room inside at all, unless i can convince the misses to get dressed in the storage closet and let me grow in the closet inside! I dont have the option to cycle it on and off. Only thing I can make it do is shut off on a timer. Also it must be turned on manually (power button has to be pressed twice then the cool button pressed) so I can put it on a light timer either. I was planning on just running it 24/7 on low.
    So the room is approx 6'x6'x10'. Wondering if this swamp cooler I bought today will work? Be overkill? should I run it all day? Here are the specs on it:

    MasterCool P500A
    7" blower
    120volts, 60Hz, 2.0amps
    cools up to 350sqft.

    Its got a strong fan so Im thinking i can pull out my current fan and just run this. Also thinking it will help me keep my humidity up since its always stucks around liek 25%.

    any thoughts or ideas would be awesome. Thanks GC
  2. I would clear out some space and wait to grow...
  3. Cant clear anything out till we move this fall. We downsized to save money so our place is filled with stuff. I tossed a bunch of stuff to just be able to get what little area I do have. The door to the grow gets opened from about 7pm till midnight when I crash out. Im hoping that as long as I can keep the room in the low 80's or high 70's then I should be ok. We shall see, going to pick up my next batch of clones on sunday.

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