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Swallowing Weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Shook-Ones, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. I swallowed a dime bag. Is this safe? I swallowed it cause we got stopped, i was the passanger, but i wasnt taking any chances. They didnt even search us. Will the bag come back out? I doubt it.
  2. i would make myself throw up rather than digest that fuckin shit
  3. Did you swallow the plastic too? Your gonna have some weird shit if you did. Just the weed though? Totally fine.
  4. The baggy with about .5 in it. I dont wana throw it up cus i dnt wana choke.

  5. Drink a 1/5th. Puke the weed up. Smoke it. Feel better.

  6. looks like you're going to pass one interesting treat :)
  7. haha do u guys think its gunna come back out, or will it dissolve.
  8. Youre going to die!!!! .
  9. Why the hell would you swallow the bag too lol? How the hell did you even manage to get a bag down your throat so easily. I mean bags especially with .5 of weed in it would be so hard to swallow and would prob end up stuck in my throat. Ive heard of swallowing the weed but the bag too?
  10. if corn doesnt even dissolve in your stomach what makes you think a sealed plastic bag with weed in it will?

    im telling you man throw that shit right back up
  11. WOW. Was it a big baggie or just a pill baggie.

    Either way. HOW Big was this baggie. and you will shit it out. but it may cause some problems.
  12. it was a little dime bag. Not a ziploc lmao.
  13. You will shit it out....period.

    I wouldn't have swallowed the weed in the bag. I once got pulled over and I ate a handful of weed...digested most of it, shit the rest out. Didn't get high at all, the resin heads have to be heated to a certain temp for them to be released.
  14. i laughed so hard after reading this, TAKE IT OUT OF THE BAG NEXT TIME!
  15. honestly who eats the bag?
  16. Unless you puke it up within an hour MAX, you won't have any luck.

    So all that's left is to waaaaaait for teh brown surprise!
  17. hahaha.... You just pour it into your mouth, and stuff the bag in your pants:p

    That's gunna feel funny coming out. If you have a problem shitting or any kind of pains, go to the doctor and say you got drunk and swallowed a bag on a dare or something.
  18. I dont condone eating plastic baggys, but the guy was avoiding a cop, it makes sense he would want to get rid of the bag too.
    If he was going to stuff it in his pants might as well leave the weed in it, because a baggy with kief in it is just as much evidence as a nug.
  19. lol who the fuck swallows the bag?!?! seriously!!!
  20. you should be fine, my friend swallowed 4 coins and a beer bottle top and it didnt do shit, but it will come out in yours lol

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