swallowing weed smoke?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by hexagram, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. when smoking weed, does anyone ever swallow the smoke, as in not exhale it back out again? Dunno if it's just me but this gets me baked way quicker, and it's a much more intense, trippy high.
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  2. I think that's called nausea dude lol
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  3. stomach cancer bro! stomach cancer! jk

    haha i know what you're talking about as far as swallowing the smoke but idk about getting higher quicker. i usually just end up burping up smoke at an inappropriate time haha
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  4. I don't think swallowing smoke will make for a "trippier" high, but I'm not an expert or anything so idk.
  5. Prehaps it was just the mood I was in or something then, not sure.
  6. OP, you can't be serious....-_-
  7. no no.. I know what OP is talking about guys.. I actually never could get high until I "swallowed" the smoke.. At first I would just pull it and just keep the smoke in my mouth but if u swallow its the same thing as inhaling a little.. it does work and I still do it now whenever I take such a big hit that theres a little left over
  8. that just makes you burp
  9. The THC will be absorbed by the walls of your stomach along with all the other shit.

    Will most likely damage the cells of the mucosa of your pylorus/fundus part of your stomach.

    It's your funeral OP.
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  10. Lol I live when people are like " yo I got so high and smoked so much I burped up smoke" no, you just don't know how to inhale properly, moron
  11. I've done that by accident before or when I take to big of a hit but that can't be good for you..
  12. I swallow vapors all the time (;
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  13. I find it uncomfortable when I accidentally swallow smoke. Luckily it rarely happens.
  14. Nothing good has ever come from swallowing smoke for me or most people I know. If anything it makes me feel sick and I can't smoke for a period of time after that.
  15. swallowing weed? mayn this shizz sounds like them douches saying they be injecting marijuana
  16. i've done this too. it happens when you take a huge hit. you just burp it out
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  17. I only do it because new smokers look at me like wtf was that shit! Roflmao!!!
  18. I don't think it will really do much damage if you swallow the smoke, but I don't see any physiologic reason that it would get you more high.
  19. Its easy to swallow smoke...I did it all the time as kid. I would drink/smoke a joint and yes I would burp it up later. My friends and I would all laugh about it.
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  20. I'd much rather burp up smoke after a gnarly rip that got accidentally swallowed and feel absolutely blitzed (once the coughing up death ends :laughing:) than lose my eyebrows to staring at an open burning torch for 3 minutes just to get a dab rig ready to go.

    Idk maybe just me but weed is delicious.
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