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Swallowing after inhaling?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Master Kief, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. I don't know anyone else that does this, but after I take a hit (ESPECIALLY a bong hit), I feel the sudden need to swallow the saliva in my mouth.

    Does anyone else do this? Does it affect anything as far as how high you get, etc.?
  2. never felt the urge to do that :smoking::smoking:
  3. sometimes when my weed doesnt burn properly, or the cone is blocked - I have to swallow kinda for extra suction to suck the weed through.
  4. Sometimes when I hit my pipe it makes me salivate a lot.. I don't really think its anything to be worried about.

  5. Weird... I do the same exact thing. Usually with my bowl though. I don't like doing it... but like you said its a sudden urge after you take the hit. Oh well... :smoking:

  6. Yeah, that's exactly how I feel. It also takes me an additional exhale to get all the smoke out of my lungs too.
  7. Yeah it's just your saliva building up from the smoke. Same happens to me with MJ, Cigars, Hookah you name it if there is smoke going in your mouth you will build up saliva. Either keep something on hand to spit it out after you exhale or keep a drink handy, it makes it easier to swallow saliva and will sooth your throat after a bong rip. Don't swallow the smoke. If you swallow the smoke it's very easy to start to feel nauseous and totally kill your high.
  8. ya this happens to me when i smoke steam rollers im always taking way too big of a hit and sallowing some of the smoke then burping it up later.
  9. If I take big hits, I always have the urge to swallow.

    The bigger hit I take, the better chance i'll swallow the smoke. Which is why I try to take slower hits, better chance it won't reach my stomach.
  10. bring a bottle of water with you the next time you smoke, your mouths probably just dry.
  11. when i first started i would swallow it all the time cuz one of my friends said it gets your higer
    but now its only after a big hit
    and i dont feel nauseous afterwards only that i start coughing alot

    one time after a big hit of some diamond kush i swallowed it and i felt in my throat something start tingling like when you hit your elbow on something then it moved through my whole body and it felt awesome

    has that ever happen to anyone
  12. If I hit a bong I always have the feeling I am gonna start salivating into the neck while hitting it haha, doesn't happen though. But yes I do understand the swallowing thing, but I try not to as it can make me queasy and burp smoke in inappropriate places... like math class.
  13. i swallow smoke a lot... most of the time its because i run out of breath to inhale the rest of the smoke so i swallow it, sometimes my stomach gets a lil upset but all i have to do is burp..... its no big deal, but it is how some ppl throw up b/c they dont inhale they just swallow lol:laughing:
  14. I purposely swallow after big hits if I think I feel a coughing coming on and it helps a little bit. Only reason really. Don't ever HAVE to, just do.
  15. Same with me, but when I burp I push air into my stomach which clears out any smoke in there. So if smoke in stomach is the source of people throwing up, then i'm pretty safe from that.
  16. swallowing smoke usually means youll end up taking a shit later on

  17. I was told it makes you puke
  18. as long as its burped out you should be good to go
  19. ugh i hate that. when i'm taking really huge bong hoots i have to concentrate on keeping my airway open, if i get distracted some of the smoke gets filtered into my stomach and that suuuucks.. burping up big clouds of smoke is rough.
  20. I have had this happen. Tip your bong up more, try not to keep your mouth down when you're hitting things (as much as possible, of course). Once you start drooling, instinct is to swallow... so if your mid hit, you're swallowing smoke.

    Also, try smaller hits. The more smoke you take in the more you salivate.

    It's all about controlling the drool.

    ^^^^ Just posted that in another thread. It's what i did to remedy the swallowing, it happens every now and again still, but it really helps. :wave:

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