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swallowed guitar pick, help

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by whooster, Oct 29, 2011.

  1. so yeah i swallowed a guitar pick like 20 minutes ago, i looked it up and apparently its gonna go through alright and come out the other side, but it seems kinda risky, anyone know about swallowing plastic? clarification that its gonna pass through would be nice. im drinking loadsa water and bread because apparently that helps.
  2. stomache acid is strong acid.
  3. It may hurt coming out but I'd say your fine.

    And to ^ corn and seeds comes out untouched......
  4. yeah its not gonna dissolve the plastic, im worried cus its flat and the sides might damage my gut or something
  5. lol what are you 5? Either that or you really must have been shredding.
  6. why the fuck did u swallow a guitar pick
  7. you have to get someone to turn you upside down and shake really hard and try get them to angle you up and down and side to side, eventually it'll come out
  8. googluck and pray it dosnt come out horizontally.
  9. should have just thrown up?
  10. Oh man that's some funny shit right there lol, plectrum in your rectum. You should be fine dude, don't panic, keep an eye on your 'outtage', if you haven't seen it in a few days then think about going doc's.
  11. yeah i considered throwing up but i would probs choke on it, and yeah i swallowed it cus i was holding it in my mouth, as you do, and i breathed it in
  12. this happened to a friend of mine. he had to get it taken out at the hospital. they put him asleep and they fished a camera and small tweeser things down his esophagus and took it out i think
  13. damn thats scary, well its definately gone down the food direction, so i got pretty lucky there
  14. Prepare your anus. [​IMG]
  15. #15 bonghits14, Oct 29, 2011
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    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIG9Da5kzRc]Walter Bishop: "I'll need to check her anus!" - YouTube[/ame]

    skip to 50 for lols or watch the whole thing
  16. Eh its almost happend to me lol. You should be fine dude, if its a standard pick it should go right through

    I like to play with my fingers sometimes or when i fingertap i put the pick in my mouth and i've almost swallowed a few lol
  17. Id go to the er. You dont want that thing poking a hole in your intestines or stomach.

  18. [​IMG]
  19. swallow a guitar now and learn to play.
  20. Lol the acids in you will soften the pic.... not dissolve it, but they will soften the material.... like you said your doing eating stuff to keep the pic moving and hopefully encapsulate it in some shit, will make it easier to pass...

    My friend did the same thing once when we were jamming on accident... he didn't even notice it passing.... he ate a grip of taco bell the next day to "speed" things up lol... maybe try eating stuff that causes diarrhea.... not joking....

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