Swagga Like Us Grammy Performance

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  1. The group that is being called the new age rap pack preformed “Swagga Like Us” at the 2009 Grammy awards. This performance Featuring T.I., Jay-Z, Kanye West, & Lil Wayne will go down in the history books for hiphop music

    Swagga Like Us Grammy Performance

  2. I like Jay-Z and a little bit of T.I... The other two eh, I could do without.
  3. are you for real?


    he got like 8 nominations!
  4. Backstreet Boys, Dixie Chicks, Nsync, and Ricky Martin have been nominated for a Grammy... Doesn't automatically make their music good.
  5. I like T.I the best out of all them.
    But that was my favorite performance of the night, with the pregnant M.I.A.
  6. I think Lil Wayne was a waste of Grammy trophies.. A few of the performances were miserable to sit through. Cant say Im the biggest fan of the song, yet I have to give MIA props for bein up there on her due date.
  7. fuckin killed it but it woulda been tighter if they woulda had all new verses just for the grammys
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    If anything, I feel like this performance sets rap music back. But then again, what ISNT setting rap music back these days? Even undergroup rap seems to be more concerned with the MC than the MC & DJ combo of yesteryear.

    MIA is just riding the hipster appeciation and in reality is just stealing music from Brazil. Look up Funk Carioca/Baile Funk.

    This also belongs in our illustrious MUSIC HALL.
  9. T.I. suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks.

    if you are not a girl and you like T.I., I don't even know what to think of you.
  10. who are your favorite rappers just out of curiousity^^^^

    i thought the performance was good, kanye to me set it off right with the "mr. west is in the building"

    as for wayne and his grammy nods, all those awards are just how much he appeals to white people with his hip pop music
  11. Okay, so what the hell is MIA doing out there on her due date for one? That just seems a little over the top, I mean you're about to have a damn kid! Second: Is this the crap we're going to be remembered by? No great musical talent, just a bunch of people who figured out that words rhyme? Don't get me wrong, rap can be alright. Just not often. This should go down in the rap hall of fame, then be promptly forgotten.

    Sorry to sound bitter and resentful, but I really doubt that this is the best musical talent out there.
  12. Paper Trail was the best hip hop album of 08.
    there i said it. Pornstar was the ONLY disappointment on that entire album
  13. honestly, the hip hop/rap culture is the biggest in america. rap music is so different from any other, the albums are much more anticipated, the artists are now branching out to be actors and everything else. rappers like jay z diddy 50 wayne are just as household names as any other artist in any other form of music
  14. Would have liked to have seen Nas up there, he flows so hard.

    And to gimpy121, stop listening to Lil Wayne and club songs and maybe you'll learn to appreciate rap. Nas and Wale(current favorite rappers, Wale ahead of Nas for me) are both phenomenal lyricists. Nas spits hard as hell, with meaningful subject matter ranging from what's going on in the projects, to what's going on in the world, to what's going on in rap. Wale has ridiculous flow and is incredibly intelligent, he can honestly freestyle better than most rappers can write.

    Hell even my dad said this to me, "Rappers are the Bob Dylan's of your generation."
  15. Nas would of be awesome to see!

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