Swag better than cronic?

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  1. Hi all I am a new toker and me and my friend bet 20 dollars. He says that cronic is better than shwag but i tell him i says, "man if you smoke cronic you will get lung cancer."

    just wanna set the record straight. thanks guys
  2. shwag is for kidz :)
  3. lol dave, you need to come stateside man, ill show you some shwag. believe me you wouldnt classify it as the same as solid. :)

    i can say over here weve got 3 different qualities. shwag, midz and nugz. 20-25 for a quad of shwag, 35-40 for a quad of some midz, and 80-100 for a quad bag of nugz.

    the dirt is what it is ... dirt. and i refuse to smoke it also. i always love to pull out the midz or the nugz and tell whover is rolling to put it away. youre in for a treat :)
  4. I wouldn't worry about lung cancer from the lovely plant we
    call marijuana too much. Studies have shown that pot has
    anti-cancer properties. And schwag is way worse for you than
    chronic, but still not that bad for you, due to the fact that you
    have to smoke more of the schwag to get the same high,
    which means you are inhaling more smoke.
  5. no shit man, lol, what studies have you been browsing through?
    you CAN get cancer from smoking pot because its smoke.
    you DONT get cancer from chronic, you get it from the smoke.
    swag is NOT "better" then cronic in terms of quality.

    if anything, wouldnt smoking high quality weed reduce the risk of getting cancer compared to smoking more of a low quality product?
  6. actually marijuana doesnt matter what kind doesnt give you cancer the reason you get cancer when you smoke is cause of the tar that goes down into your lungs and hardens

    as for shwag it is basically dirt weed......the lowest weed you can buy....true chronic is amazing but still isnt the best weed you can get. any type of hydro is not bad for you because it is grown in water no stupid insecticides or chemicals unless the people who grow it are idiots all you need is the right amount of water and sunlight
  7. whats that about hydro my friend??? believe me, its not grown outdoors under the big light :) and believe me again when i say there are more chemicals floating around in that resevoir tank than iraq has :)
  8. never said it was grown outdoors simply said shwag is not good weed really bad shwag probably has dirt mixed in, as for chemicals in the water, i have never used chemicals, natures way is the best
  9. Okay, I was hoping the article was online, but it's not.

    But you still can read it for yourselves. It's in the Feb/ March
    2004 issue of Cannabis Culture magazine on pages 42 - 43.

    Sorry if this breaks copyright, but I think you wonderful people
    have a need to know this, and I don't think Cannabis Culture
    would have a problem with this. So here goes. I'm gonna
    type out the whole article for you guys.

    Cannabinoids destroy cancer!
    Research contiues to show the amazing anti-cancer
    effects of cannabinoids. by Dana Larsen

    An article in the October 2003 issue of the medical journal
    Nature Reviews, explains in detail current research on how
    cannabinoids can be used to treat cancer and tumors.

    The article, titled Cannabinoids: Potential Anti-Cancer Agents,
    outlines the human body's system of cannabinoid receptors,
    and explains how cannabinoids work to decrease nausea,
    increase appetite, and inhibit pain.

    However, most interesting is the section titled Antitumor
    Effects Of Cannabinoids, where author Manuel Guzman shows
    that cannabinoids destroy many forms of tumors and
    cancer cells.

    Further, Guzman claims that "Cannabinoids are selective
    antitumor compounds, as they can kill tumor cells without
    affecting their non-transformed counterparts." In fact, instead
    of harming normal cells, cannabinoids, "might even protect
    them from cell death."

    Citing over 100 references of research from scientific and
    medicinal journals, this article compiles all major studies into
    how cannabinoids affect cancerous tumors and cancer

    In 2000, Manuel Guzman led a study which showed that
    application of THC destroyed otherwise incurable brain cancer
    tumors in rats.(CC#25, THC destroys brain cancers). Sadly
    their research could not continue due to lack of funding
    (CC#29, No funding for THC tumor research).

    Some notable studies into the anti-cancer effects of
    cannabinoids include:

    * A study published in the July 2002 medical journal Blood,
    which found that THC and some other cannabinoids produced
    "programmed cell death" in different varieties of human
    leukemia and lymphoma cell lines, thereby destroying the
    cancerous cells but leaving other cells unharmed.

    * A study published in a 1975 edition of the Journal of the
    National Cancer Institute, which showed that THC slowed the
    growth of lung cancer, breast cancer and virus-induced
    leukemia in rats.

    Titled Antineoplastic Activity of Cannabinoids, this study was
    funded by the US National Institute of Health, and performed
    by researchers at the Medical College of Virginia. Despite
    the promising results, no further research was made, and
    the study has essentially disappeared from the scientific

    * A 1994 study, which documented that THC may protect
    against malignant cancers, and which was buried by the US
    Government. The $2 million study, funded by the US
    Department of Health and Human Services, sought to show
    that large doses of THC produced cancer in rats. Instead,
    researchers found that massive doses of THC had a positive
    effect, actually slowing the growth of stomach cancers. The
    rats given THC lived longer than their nonexposed

    The study was unpublished and the results hidden for
    almost three years, until it was finally leaked to the media in
    1997. (CC#17, THC for Tumors).

    * A study published in the July 1998 Proceedings of the
    National Academy of Sciences, found that anandamide
    inhibited the growth of breast cancer cells. Anandamide is the
    naturally occuring body chemical which is mimicked by

    Other studies cited by Guzman show that cannabinoids can
    also help prevent the death of brain cells during a stroke,
    head trauma and nerve gas exposure (CC#16, Marijuana
    Protects Your Brain).

    EDIT: Various typos.
  10. If you're still That worried about getting cancer from smoking
    MJ, just vaporize.
  11. If you get a good vaporizer there shouldn't be any smoke.
    That's the whole point.

    I personally plan on saving up for a Volcano after I bring in
    my first harvest.
  12. some people have such small feeble minds, dont look at the big pictures look at the small ones, weed does not cause cancer, THC does not cause cancer, its stupid chemicals that dumbasses put in that cause cancer so if you grow shit yourself, youre fine
  13. Ok, so cronic and swag the same.

    I won 20 dollars.

    Now i bet 40 dollars that swiggty (what is this) is better than "headies".

    I AM TEH WINNAR!!!!!!1!
  14. how is it the same? do you even know what the 2 look like put up against each other? the only "sameness" they have is they are both weed
  15. some people think "cronic" means laced weed that'll kill you :-\
  16. where the hell do they get this stuff from? those arent from the new anti-pot campaign commercials are they?
  17. all things have a base radioactivity, plants absorb what is fed to them, and hydro ferts are among the highest in content radiation you can feed to them, basically giving your weed its own radioactive property. Organic hydro ferts are much lower.
    There's similar evidence surrounding why tobacco has polonium and such in it.

  18. lol..:hello::hello:

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