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Swab test?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by wired16, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. I have an interview today and im going to get mouth swab drug tested... havent smoked in 2-3 days and i heard rinsing your mouth with mouthwash or hydrogen proxide makes you pass.. anyone wanna shed some light on this? btw my interview is in like 5 hours so plz hurry lol
  2. um... i'm pretty sure it stays in your system for 3 weeks..
    but i could be wrong on that one..

    i know coke stays in your hair for like 3 months lol

    and uhh, i wouldnt put hydrogen peroxide in your mouth, thats just plain stupid.
    but hey mouthwash.. do whatever brah :)
  3. Hydrogen and peroxide in your mouth stupid? I don't know where you got that information from, but it's not stupid at all... Ever had a canker sore? Swish with HP and it heals it wayy quick... It doesn't taste the best, I wouldn't swallow it, or at least large amounts of it,

    As for OP, I replied in your other forum, I'd have a mod delete 1 of the because duplicate threads aren't cool!
  4. you do the test yourself he gives you the Q tip, your suppose to swab around your mouth for 15 seconds bite the Q-tip make fake swabing motions put it in the bag he/she seals the tamper proof bag....Drive there with mouth wash in your mouth dont smoke for a couple days and you can pass....

    I tried perioxid once fuckin puked shits nasty

  5. Anything drugs you do while your hairs growing will still be in your hair untill you shave it and grow new hair.....its shitty but true
  6. i was going to be mean but since you were only trying to help ill be nice. Hydrogen peroxide is only water AKA H2O with another oxygen molecule AKA H2O2

    bought some MW just to be safe tho :D
  7. I think that weed only stays in your system for a week according to swab tests. I know someone who got a job at Lowes and took one of them and it worked out well. But still, as always, the safest way is not to do it for a while and then take the test.
  8. if a dog ingest something they shouldnt, ur advised to fed them hydrogen peroxide to make them vomit, sorry to revive dead thread, had to take one today without know i was going to have to...we'll see what happens
  9. You gotta swosh alcohol mouthwash because !) It cleans out little debris 2) THC is soluble in alcohol, so the residue will dissolve.
  10. What about random drug tests and listerine pockrt things would u pass if you swish peroxide and brush teeth before work and eat pocket paks before the test

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