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Sw33tdwill's CannaBurgers Guide w/ Pics

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Sw33tdwill, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Items Needed:
    Burgers or Turkey Burgers
    1.5 grams of bud
    Vegetable Oil

    First get some burger meat I used Turkey Burgers.
    Ground or pound up the burger meat.
    Get a bowl and put the season and the bud in the bowl
    Pour a teaspoon of oil on the season and mix the meat with the season
    Put oil in pan wait till hot
    Put the burger meat in the pan and cook then add onions
    Get some bread then add cheese and your done.

    * pictures are takin long to upload give me a sec

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  2. It's good to see you have an interest in edible cannabis :) It's a great start, but unfortunately it's not just a matter of tossing ground herb into a recipe, and eating. It's a huge misuse of materials, without wasting several grams per edible, most folks wouldn't feel anything at all if they smoke more than once or twice a week. Where as, a properly made oil or tincture would allow for a greater effect, from less material than normally required when smoking. Even 'worst-case-scenario' edibles such as firecrackers and quickie-oils are a better options as far as activation and bioavailability goes.

    Hope this helps! :)
  3. I know but I extracted the thc well and I can tell because I'm totally baked right now
  4. You should be.. in a properly made oil, that's roughly four and a half times the standard dose, per edible! :eek: An edible dose of 0.35g is common in many dispensaries, and that's when using edible-grade bud and frosty trim... and most folks new to the edible experience should start with only half that, and wait 40 minutes to see how they feel. Even firecrackers require much less in order to achieve the desired effect.

    Activation (also known as decarboxylation, which causes cannabinoid conversion) and bioavailabilty are crucial, cannabis glandular material is notoriously difficult to absorb even after activation.

    Man has been eating raw cannabis for thousands of years, but we've learned a lot when it comes to processing it properly, so it doesn't just go 'in one end, and out the other, in the last few decades :)
  5. Omg I'm baked thank God for weed and burgers
  6. Your Welcome :)
  7. This should get stickied
  8. Anybody tried this recipe yet?
  9. It hits you pretty well,

    I decarbed my weed, and also
    used a little hash oil.
  10. Decarbed how so?

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