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SW Episode 2: Drug Dealers In Coruscant!?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Smokie McBlunts, Mar 23, 2003.

  1. haha yep thats right... drugs even exsist in George Lucas' world of Lightsabers and hair rolls. But.... the best thing about SW Ep2 when ur stoned is watching that drug dealer guy (in the bar) try to sell a "DeathStick" and when Obi Wan does that mind trick, how he puts the stick back in his pocket is freakin NUTS when ur high! I rewinded it like 6 times yesterday. Hehe... ah well, i can do it with a knife :)
  2. hows he do it? I dont got the movie or i'd go watch it n find out :p
  3. have you ever seen Human Traffic?

    i've had that very same bong conversation about star wars and came up with many of the same concepts (the smuggling compartments in teh falcon, jabba's pipe... and a rather more bizarre one... the R2-D2 bong!)
  4. The Millenium Falcon's smuggling panels are for drugs. At least sometimes. They say as much in the books. Read 'em. They are actually pretty good.
  5. It seems like I remember something about that...I'm going to go have to watch my DVD again and see what I missed.
  6. hehe, I'm just happy there are other people here that know what Coruscant is :)

    if I'm gonna be a dork at least the internet makes it so that I'm not a dork and alone

    And wasn't Jabba tokin' off a hookah or something in the empire strikes back? Maybe I'm just thinking of the caterpiller from through the looking glass...
  7. Yes, for the record, Jabba was smoking a hookah. In fact, I'm pretty sure he smoked some sort of psychoactive drug. But I can't for the life of me remember which one. In the books, there are three main types of drugs. I can't remember the name of a single one, though. But Hutts are famous for their drug smuggling and production. Thats how the make nearly all of their credits. Damn it, I really am a dork. I can't believe I fucking said "credits".
  8. well we do need a galactic currency don't we?

    and what about that guy on tatooine that made greedo into a drink or something after Han handed his ass to him? it's been a loooong time since I've read any of those though, yet again I could have it waaaay wrong
  9. obviously nobody deals anywhere in the star wars galaxy. certainly not without the permit of jabba, soapbar czar extraordinaire... han solo not paying off tick cos chewie smoked faaaar too much and washed it all down with a phat line of K, that's why he's fucked the whole way through the trilogy.

  10. No, Krazi, you are right. The bartender who hated droids found a really fucked up droid and used it to make a drink out of Greedo, for Jabba.

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