Discussion in 'General' started by GalenH, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. cool guys i ttoally just got aoff a 9-hour chef work cshit. my feet hurt and im chillin but im in my boxers and dressing gown watching a funny as fuck movie and walking through thte city.
    Got some sick herb last night, totally awesome quarter.
    What you all up to?

  2. I think my message is pretty straight forward.
  3. just smile and nodd....
  4. Spell check works wonders :p
  5. lol Damn guys I understood it...

    hookd on fonix woked fo mee!

    Just chillin man, got a great meal.. My parents came up and took me out to dinner got some goood eatin tonight.. Now just chillin drinkin a couple beers, smokin a couple bowls, bout to hit up some 360 :D

    I love life... I just gotta get a fucking joB! :smoke:
  6. If only there was some sort of thread for random comments and chatting....

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