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  1. This is my plan for my next op.

    12 plants under 2 400 watt MH for 4 weeks (will be clones)
    12 plants under 2 400 Watt HPS for 4 weeks
    12 plants under 2 400 watt HPS for 4 weeks

    Total of 12 weeks
    4 weeks veg
    8 weeks flow

    Basically ill get 12 plants to harvest every 4 weeks.

    Is about 3000 watts of continuous power suspicious in addition to regular household appliances?
  2. well id love to see pics of this, but in my opinion nobody should tell you anything, i wouldnt want to be the person that says "sure youll be fine" and have you turn out gettin busted. If you do go through on it tho, ill watch.
  3. Personally, i don't think you'll have enough light for 12 plants, how tall are you planning to grow them ?
  4. Depends on the size of your house, if it is a 2 bedroom do not add more than 2k watts, if it is a 3 bedroom 3k watts, etc. That is what I have heard. Be very cautious with your other appliances. Dont make that meter spin out of control, or electricity company will get very suspicous.
  5. Well as long as you pay the bill you should be fine.
  6. Definitly want to see this grow. Start a journal if you do this thing.
  7. Definitly want to see this grow. Start a journal if you do this thing. Good Luck man.

    Stay Prickley
  8. Depends on your light cycle i guess. you're looking at 1600 KWH a month. IMO thats getting up there... not including appliances etc.

    I think the US Avg is something like 1000KWH per month.. but i know for a fact that the last house i lived in w/ roommates we had bills over 2000 KWH.
  9. Homegrower, so ur saying that two 400 watt metal halide fixtures wont be enough for 12 plants? Im going to grow them to 4 ft total and a maximum of 5 ft. I think that a single 400 watt would sufficiently light 6 plants. If enough ppl agree with you, maybe i will go to 600 watts each or just cut the number of plants down so that i can get a proper yield.

    I figure under this setup, i can manage to get about an ounce a day.
    Thats over $100,000 worth of white widow bud!!

    Ill be harvesting 12 plants (unless i change my mind) every 4 weeks! :eek:
  10. slow down tenancity, dont count your eggs b4 they hatch. i used to grow the white widow hydroponically and my advice would be take it slow, maybe start small and build up gradually because anything can happen. there is so many things that can go wrong that it is best to gradually progress.
    if you are growing for profit it is wise to work with 1 or 2 distributers only(as opposed to selling dimes and quarters on the corner). find 1 or 2 trusty ppl and let them distribute it for you.
    good luck and lemme know how it goes.
  11. correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't talking about dealing taboo? not trying to be a negative nancy but i'd hate to see GC get closed.
  12. nope 2 400 watt lights not enough light for 4ft high plants iv got 10 on the go about shoulder hight and had 2 400 watt hps lamps and had 2 go and purchase a 600 watt and bend all the main branches out and i still need more so i now have 2 400watt and 1 600wat i have even pulled alot of massive healthy fan leaves off to get light in to the bottom and if u use 600watt lights u will get a bigger yield fatter buds its worth that extra mony

    [​IMG] my last crop i got busted started off big 150 3ft high plants all pot of gold 56 cuttings in a proppagator 18 =600wat hps lamps 3 sqirral cage suckers and 3 carbin filters the cops took the lot i was gutted a didnt get to see the girls flower the even took al my nutriens still got to go to court for this it bin ajourned 4 times fuck the bastards




    [​IMG]check out my post 4 more pics an info
  13. How'd you get busted?
  14. credit cards online cops are on a major crack down on growers over her so dont use ur cards for seed or lights on a grow sight some companys sell bank info 2 the cops and get a warrent printed
  15. urban guerilla gr8 advice. I have 1 single distributor who usually buys in the pounds so im not all that worried. I have known this person for nearly 10 years of my life and know that if anything were to go down, they wouldnt rat on any1.

    And shit, i have used my credit card on sites to get seeds and lights!! should i be worried? the seeds are a 1 time thing cuz imma clone the shit outta my white widows feminized so i dont think ill need any unless i plant to go with ak47 or blueberry or sumthin.
  16. Thats why you dont get that stuff shipped to your house...

    Mail forwarding services are good thing too.
  17. Im taking it your in the USA tenacity..???

  18. My lawyer would have fun working a case like that. That is rediculous.
  19. ummm yahh... quite possibly
  20. Cut down on your regular household consumption. Turn off any electrical heating and air con. Go to bed at sunset, get up at dawn. Don´t cook, eat salads, don´t watch TV, stop bathing or showering. Take your clothes to the laundry. And shut down your computer.

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