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  1. anybody else have this problem? where your mom trips about everything you do cause she thinks you are smoking weed. :confused:
  2. Well just about everybody goes through this, just tell her u smoke weed. But if u live in your parents house try to keep it more on the dl and don't smoke in their house.
  3. Well, oddly enough, every time my parents have ever called it on me, I actually was.
  4. what i do is i rub my eyes a lot so they red a lot but im acting straight most of the time so when im high its no big deal its just one less thing they could be suspisious about, you can just say your kinda tired or whatever. also i always have candles in my room collect em n stuff so its not weird when i got one going after blazing :smoking:

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    Your the first I've seen to ask for rep...
  6. lol ok...
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    I don't think it works tthat way haha .

  8. fiend for rep
  9. Everyone wants
  10. Not really, most older members on here could give a rats ass about rep. It's like caring about how many likes you get on facebook or some shit... and asking for it seems kind of stupid.
  11. Lol our pics are the same ^^

  12. Not really.
  13. Lmao Mrquasi

    you should tell her to suck it easy everytime she questions you.

    That will make it awkward and hopefully she'll just shut the hell up..

    or you know what really pisses women off? If when they ask you shit like that or yell at you just ignore them and when they pause or something just say "are you done yet?"

    then shell eventually stop harrasing you hopefully

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  15. Everyone gets caught eventually. If your a stoner your gunna fuck up and get caught.
  16. dude chill, if you dont want to rep me just dont, obv. i'd notice your not giving me anything, you dont have to make a video to tell me

  17. listen, its true

  18. Haha I didn't make the video, it's from the original Willy Wonka movie, instead of begging for rep on a forum go out and enjoy some good movies.
  19. i wasnt begging, i was siggesting cuz i gave some good advice people should show their appreciation for it. do you get mad when you have to pay for things at the store?
  20. lmao, if your advice is so damn helpful then you shouldn't have to ask for the rep. :smoke:

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