Suspicions confirmed. I've been lead on

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  1. So you've probably seen my crazy postings about the girl I've been on and off trying to get with for about a year, although for the last 6 or so months it's mostly just been us friends.

    I'll get into the recent specifics next paragraph, but first let me explain all the sings that pointed away from her leading me on. When we started hanging out and went for walks, if you saw us you'd think we were going out. We'd hold hands and hug and stuff, etc. Then our conversations were always really deep for the longest time and I thought she had totally opened up me. Then about 3 months ago we were hanging out and my memory goes a little fuzzy but I'm pretty sure we kissed each other somewhere, and we felt each other up a little bit.

    Anyway, she's been dropping signs lately about not really liking me anymore at any level. Such as, almost all our conversations just stopped getting past small talk, which was annoying because small talk sucks. A few months ago she told her friends that they only reason she hung out with me was because I "gave her free pot." I didn't really think anything of that because she's always paid me for the weed we smoke, and it's not often enough that even if I didn't make her pay it would be worth it for her to hang out with me. She also makes an effort to talk to everyone besides me whenever we're together in class.

    So last night I called her out on it and asked if were were still friends and she said yes, but she doesn't hang out often with people aside from her two close friends. (this is total bs by the way, she lives a way more social life than I do). Then she said she was ditching all of her friends to get back with her boyfriend because she cheated on him, which means she is very capable of lying and trickery. Then I say that we hang out almost never her response was asking me if I watch the show House.

    I'm planning on talking to her one more time and will be more aggressive, saying something along the lines of, "I'm not an idiot, I know what you're doing...."

    So for anyone interested in my struggle having read previous postings about this, it's done and I am fucking glad I found a great reason to be done with her.

    good day to you all
  2. dude make her jealous. she's used to all your attention. go be friends with another chick
  3. thanks bro-mosexual, I'm not really trying to win her back but I'll give it a shot anyway for shits and giggles
  4. Holy shit dude, I was in your shoes. When it got to the lame ass small talk point I just wanted to die, then came the obvious avoiding me to spend time with anyone who wasn't me, giving me bs excuses blah, blah, blah. So now I got to the point where I just went "fuck it", cut all contact, and haven't made any effort to talk to her at all. Life is too short to get upset over one vagina, there's plenty more out there.
  5. Sounds to me like your pissed because you missed your opportunity to smash that. :smoke:
  6. totally agree. was in the same situation. more fish out there. :hello:
  7. yeeeeeeeeeeeeep. but we were drunk so it's just as well because she could have gotten really mad at me if I took her up on any slight advances she made. (like: oh my mouth is so dry, or I can't feel my mouth, then talking about giving head)

    thanks for the support everyone. it helps knowing that people have experienced exactly this and I'm not the only one
  8. I've been in same boat man its nothing man girls like that have a complex they can't be real with themselves so they can't be real with you. I was like that with this one chick and just broke it off Monday. I'd bet you anything that if you started fucking another chick she'd beg to be on your jock man. Just let it be and let it go, after I realized how much this chick was looking down at me in shit after posing to have an eye level contact with me I just broke it off and surprisingly realized how lame she was like I was seeing her for the first time (Think Jonas Hill's girlfriend in Meet the Greek) The oh I do this so I'm a good person type chick. It was all good though this happened for the best man. That chick obviously didn't respect you if she was gonna throw if you watch house after asking that question lol thats fucked up. Don't worry about it she seems like a flakey type chick anyway
  9. ^^you're the man!

  10. Just keeping it real bro. Glad I could help in anyway :smoke:
  11. And what exactly is the point of doing so? You already know she's shaddy. Get the fuck away from her. I know, I know, easier said than done. But you know deep inside it's a big waste of your time.
  12. Uh, no. They wouldn't.

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